WOD: Friday


21-15-9 reps for time:

Overhead Squat, 42.5kg (30kg)


Post time to comments.

Ladies get yourself into the morning session to meet Matt “The Catch” Fishburn – isn’t he dreamy?

22 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Matt: 8.32 (42.5kg-20kg due shoulder)
    DJ Dave: 5.10 rxd
    Lisa.N: 8.50 (20kg)
    Leisha: 5.46 (3kg)
    Martin: 12.53 (20kg)
    Sarah: 7.33 (3kg)
    Razor: 8.13 (30kg)
    Bove: 13.17 rxd
    Yaro: 8.46 rxd

    12 noon:
    Clair: 6.45 (7kg)
    Jason: 7.05 (7kg)
    Jerka: 6.45 (20kg)
    Sanch: 6.54 (16kg)
    Kate.B: 5.35 (3kg)

  2. My 1 YEAR Anniversary WOD!
    Done at 8am @ CFWX!

    Drum:5.50 rxd PB
    Anna:6.05 rxd PB
    Russ:8.20 rxd
    Chops:6.39 PB – One year ago:16.07 (attempts)

    Been an awesome year! Bring on the rest!
    Thanks for all your help DW, Anna and Russ!

    1. Well done chops

      warm up on today s wod with broom
      6:29 (unbroken du)

    2. Chops: It was awesome “Annie-ing” for and with you this morning. Thanks for coming down to CFWX. Pleasure knowing you all. AS

    3. That year went fast Chopsy. It’s been a pleasure to watch your journey mate.
      Thanks for all your support – you are CrossFit!

      1. Lukey:
        Also my anniversary
        Annie crossfit42s
        Would like to thank Drummand, Alli, Anna and Russ.
        And to everyone at the box let’s keep up the great work with these guys..
        Answer to every question that Drummand asks in the warm up..!? “Midline”.

  3. So sexy Matt……would you believe he was a Hutchins boy 🙂

    I need to start coming to the mornings

    Well done to all the 12 month Anniversary guys and gals

  4. At holsworthy:

    In patrol order
    OHS using a loaded pack as a weight

    Phantom: 5:42
    Gingerneer: 5:42

    Finisher: 40 push ups in full marching order

  5. 5:15pm

    Jose: 7:19 rxd
    Nick W.: 5:48 (30kg)
    Murf: 7:21 (30kg)
    Chris: 9:19 (30kg)
    Cam: 5:33 rxd
    Emily: 10:11 rxd
    Tom: 6:09 rxd
    Nick: 7:15 (30kg)
    Leandra: 7:12 (16kg)
    Kyle: 6:53 rxd
    Mel: 11:53 (7kg)
    Alex: 9:54 (40kg)
    Sarah C.: 5:28 (7kg)
    Jake: 11:42 rxd
    Big Wave Dave: 4:53 rxd


    Tasha: 6:42 (7kg)
    Jaci: 7:49 (prac. pole)
    Tan: 8:27 (20kg)
    Eleni: 6:37 (7kg)
    Jimmy: 4:12 rxd
    Timmy: 5:37 (7kg)
    Alain: 9:22 rxd
    Eve: 7:07 (25kg)
    Adam M.: 10:16 (35kg)
    Nick C.: 4:52 (16kg)
    Steph: 7:14 (25kg)
    Slayer: 8:03 (40kg)

    Thanks to Jimmy for his help tonight.

  6. You guys both smashed it…..great work and awesome movement from all tonight. Thanks guys for giving me encouragement to!!!

  7. Chopsy, it has been great training with you for this time and i have certainly seen your massive improvement. you rock. keep it up!

  8. Lukey, you have come a long way, Congrats and look foward to the next year.