WOD: Friday


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Post time to comments.

Compare to last time here.

9 Responses

  1. 6.15am:
    DJ Dave: 15.00 rxd
    Lisa N: 30.11 (purple/knees)
    Leandra: 26.48 (blue/knees)
    Julie: 23.45 rxd
    Matt: 19.49 rxd
    Razor: 15.19 rxd
    Mark: 29.26 (jump)
    Martin: 32.04 (jump/knees)
    Sarah: 25.29 (jump/knees)
    Jimmy: 20.41 (jump)
    Yaro: 28.28 rxd
    Simon: 26.00 rxd
    Bove: 32.25 rxd

    Deadlift 145kg
    Box Jump 30″
    Russ: 11.16 (130kg)

    10-1 Opposing ladder
    SDHP 50kg
    Ring push up
    Chops: 6.06 rxd

    12 Noon:
    Sarah C: 17.55 (jump/knees)
    Ash: 23.15 (jump)
    Eve: 23.39 (purple/knees)
    Nick C: 23.01 (purple)
    Emily: 23.23 rxd
    Jo: 38.58 (jump/wall PU)

    1RM OH Squat
    Chops: 65kg PB

    1. 5.15pm:
      Peter: c/o 35min 76 squats(13 orange)???
      Chris: 26.34 rxd
      Nick W: 22.34 rxd
      Murph: 28.34(purple)
      Le’roy: 22.01 rxd
      Liam: 25.37 rxd
      Alex: 24.57 rxd
      Peter L: 27.31 (jumping/31 green PullUps/High knees)???

      Jaci: 26.01 (jump/knees)
      Tasha: 17.47 (jump/knees)
      Luke: 20.30 rxd
      Mark: 24.27 (jump/knees)
      Tom: 18.20 rxd
      Kyle: 21.19 rxd
      Alice: 28.15 (20 purple/green)
      Adam M: 24.44 (purple)
      Eleni: 26.48 (jump/13 rx Push Ups)
      Alli: 35.47 (Jumping/knees)

      Cant understand a couple of Adam’s writing so apologies if incorrect!

      1. You’ve done pretty well Chopsy considering my handwriting looks like a spider fell into an ink well and then crawled across the page! To clarify:

        Peter: 35 minute c/o, 100+100+100+76 (13 orange/87 jumping, knees)
        Peter L: 27:31 (31 green/69 jumping, sub high knees for sit-ups)

  2. Chopsey – Ive broken my promise and wont be turning up tonight. Promise to ‘do’ Angie after tomorrow WoD.

    1. Big Wave!

      You now owe me a 5k and Angie next week!
      Have you been down the Huon picking cherries all week??????

      1. Ha ha, no mate – just blew the froth off one too many after work last night. Nursing a wee headache this morning 🙁