WOD: Friday

30 Muscle-ups for time.

Post time to comments.

If you do not have a muscle-up, we will be working on progressions and assistance drills, as well as a modified version of the workout.

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  1. WOD Results: (20 minute)

    Griz: c/o (110 Pull-ups-jumping/105 Ring Dips-Green)
    Alex: 17.38 (Pull-up- Jumping/Ring-dip/Green)
    Doc: c/o
    Andrew: c/o (150 Pull-up jumping/111 Ring-dip- Green)
    Chops: 14.48 (pull-up-blue/Ring-dip – Green)

    Drummond: 4.10 rxd PB

    Alli: 13.31 (120 false grip ring row/120 jumping ring-dips)

    Michelle: 14.20 (Pull-up -jump/Ring dip-green)
    Russell: 16.03 rxd
    Stephanee: 14.45 (Pull-up- jump/Push-ups)
    Leigh-Roy: 13.22 (Pull-ups – blue/Push-ups)
    Stevo: 16 muscle ups
    Tania: 13.56 (Pull-up-jump/Ring-dips green)
    Max: 9.09 rxd PB

  2. 10.00am:


    Walshy: 18.00 (25kg)

    Pearso: 18.05 (40kg – don’t have 1.25kg plates)
    Done as follow up of RXD Challenge. Previous results: 20.07 (30kg 1st + 2nd rounds, 20kg 3rd, 4th + 5th rounds)

  3. Firstly, well done DW on your PB. Smokin’. We would have liked you under 4 min but you obviously still have some soft, warm QLD air in you.

    West Winds
    Red – 2 muscle ups (15 min c/o)
    Anna – attempts. Wasn’t in SYD so couldn’t do any.
    Jess – ring hold practice and ring rows.
    Then pull up and ring dip practice.

    We both did this with impaired hearing as Talwyn (Heath’s 4 yo son) was there and has no volume control button.

    Deadlift technique to finish (no 1rm attempts)
    Heath 80kg
    Jess 80kg
    Anna 105kg

    PS Thanks to Holly for looking after Piper.

    1. PPS Just to clear some things up.
      1. Talwyn is Jess’ son too.
      2. Heath and Red are the same person.
      3. Jess suffered hearing loss too.

      1. Thanks for your thorough documentation of this workout… maybe you will need to put your music on louder when the T man is around!