WOD: Friday

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
Run 200m
10 Box-jump, 24″ (20″)
10 Wall Ball Shots, 10kg (6kg)
Post rounds completed to comments.

10 Responses

  1. 6.15am:
    James: 11+200m rxd
    Jimmy: 7 (20″)
    DJ Dave: 10 rxd
    Matt: 9 rxd
    Sarah: 7+200m (3kg)
    Martin: 6+200m+10 (6kg/20″)
    Tom: 8+200m rxd
    Julie: 9+200m rxd (24″)
    Leisha: 8+100m rxd
    Lindsay: 8+200m+10 rxd
    Simon: 8+50m rxd
    Yaro: 10+200m rxd

    Russ: 9+200m+10+5 rxd
    Chops: 9 rxd

  2. This is not an illusion. I row so hard the rower flies through the air. Drum took as I was on my way out the door

  3. 12:00 Midday:
    Leandra: 7+100m (step-ups)
    Ash: 8 (6kg)
    Alice: 8+200m+1 rxd
    Kate B: 7+200m+5 (5kg)
    Phantom: 8+100m rxd
    Eve: 7+50m rxd
    Shaggy: 8+200m+10 rxd
    Nick C: 7+200m+10+4 (6kg)
    Slayer: 9+200m+10+4 rxd

    Excellent work guys and thank you for being part of my first coaching session!

  4. Thanks to Cam and Razor too for acting as secondary trainers during the midday session! 🙂

  5. Thanks for an excellent session today Chops, you did a great job, looking forward to lots more.

  6. 5:15pm:
    Murf: 8 rxd
    Big Wave Dave: 10+50m rxd
    Le’roy: 9+200m+10 rxd
    Kyle: 7+200m+10 rxd
    Alex: 8+100m rxd
    Tim: 8 (3kg)

    Steano: 8+200m+10+6 (6kg)
    Edwin: 10+25m (6kg) (apologies again for calling you Edward throughout the WoD mate!)
    Adam M: 8+200m+10+1 rxd
    Jaci: 7+200m+10 (5kg)
    Anthony: 6+200m+10 (6kg)
    Cam: 11+200m+10+1 rxd

    Thanks again to Cam for his help throughout the day!