WOD: Friday

Overhead Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2

Post loads to comments.

10 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Leisha: 16kg bar work
    Big Wave: 85kg
    DJ Dave: 72.5kg
    Mel: 16kg bar work
    Alex: 55kg
    Bove: 52.5kg
    Razor: 40kg
    Matt: 55kg
    Shaggy: 40kg
    Julie: 52.5kg PB

    “Nasty Girls”
    3 rounds for time of:
    50 Squats
    7 Muscle-ups
    10 Hang Power Cleans, 60kg

    Drum: 5.57 rxd
    Russ: 7.00 rxd
    Chops: 18.53 rxd

    12 noon:
    Sanch: 16kg bar work
    Nick: 45kg
    Doc: 100kg (back Squat)
    Spartacus: 92.5 kg PB
    Jane: 40kg
    Bove: yesterday’s WOD: 11+9 rxd
    Jerka: 7kg bar work
    Leandra: 3kg bar work
    DJ Dave: 75kg
    Russ: 90kg PB

    Cam: 80kg
    Sonya: 20kg bar work
    Chris: 30kg
    Murph: 40kg
    Mark.D: 40kg
    Slats: 40kg
    Le’Roy: 80kg

    Lisa: 28kg
    Tania: 40kg
    Brett: 110kg (back squat)
    Liam: 40kg
    Emily: 40kg
    Adam.M: 35kg
    Eve: 37.5kg
    Steph: 25kg
    Alain: 55kg

    1. Yaro: 55kg

      The atmosphere was really good this morning, felt like everyone was improving.
      Well done all!

  2. Apologies to those around me for my bad language this morning, that damn bar wouldn’t stay above my head…..

  3. Big Wave i was personally F@#$ pi@@# off you swore. There is nothing f@# @ worse than F@#@# bad language. In future please dress accordingly with sensible shoes and stop all that f@#@## ba language.
    Ps: if you think this morning aws bad you ought to train with DW i am talking F@#$# F@###@ F@#@#@@ BAD.
    Awseome effort today mate as well as Spartacus and everyone who participated. F@#@#! great work!

    1. What awesome OHS scores! David – I can’t believe you tainted the pure air of CF42s with uncouth, disgraceful words. The place will never be the same again. Spartacus, what a great week you are having dude, wish I saw that OHS!

  4. Hey Drum, you forgot Adam! The only reason I have to mention it is because I beat him!!

  5. Thanks Anna. Thanks Russ. Felt stocked. Dave, there is actually no need to swear just because you’re lifting something heavy..