WOD: Friday

REMINDER: There is NO 5.15pm session tonight, instead a 12 noon session will be held.

Overhead Squat



For time:

Row 2km

Post loads and time to comments.

Anna was raised by a pack of wild dogs in the foothills of Woodbridge. She has no need for modern comforts such as socks and shoes and often discards them during WODs.

10 Responses

  1. Pain and pleasure come under the same catagory for Anna I’m sure. Love ya work girl.

    1. Anna doesn’t sleep either as this would reduce the amount of time available for working out!

      1. At least this makes a change from the 6.15am boys ripping into each other.

        Coming down for some road kill tonight Allanzo….thought we’d have it raw?

        1. We’re not hunting our own dinner tonight? Your pack of wild dogs is busy?

  2. WOD results:

    Doc: 40kg/7.45
    Alex: 25kg/8.32
    Miles: 37.5kg
    Andrew: 25kg/8.19
    Leigh: 45kg/7.18

    Tania: 21kg 1RM, 18.5kg 3RM/9.47


    1. Tania the gun rower! Great job girl. You can join my pack if you like. Dinner is probably wallaby tonight as they are everywhere – easy to catch.

      1. Haha thanks! Catch? I nearly hit one with my car on the way home from work the other morning, easy targets… though I did hit a bird the other day. Wonder what happened to it…

  3. 12noon:

    60kg/7.25 (Failed attempt at PR of 70kg. Got 2 out, failed on the 3rd rep. Tried an additional set and crumbled like a block of Mersey Valley)