WOD: Friday

Surprise WOD!

All sessions today will be held at Cross Roads, Domain (see map).


Partner WOD:

As many reps as possible in 20 minutes of Kettlebell Swings, 24kg (16kg).

Whilst one partner accumulates as many Kettlebell swings as possible the other will run 350m (up and down the “Domain Goat Track’)

Post reps to comments.

23 Responses

      1. Russ looks like a possum in the head lights! haha. I was just trying to lift him up! Wink Wink! hahahaha

        1. I’m nearly hurting as much as Russ after that WOD, but was great to get out and about!!!

  1. Russ was loving every minute of this, a first for crossfit 42south: russ is wearing a shirt, and he is also wearing shorts

  2. Big favour, could someone be a superbabe and bring my running shoes from the box to the domain? They’re the white and orange ones. Would be amazing if you could.

  3. WOD results:

    Results from today’s “Surprise WOD” will be posted this evening.

    For time:
    Row 1K
    20kg Dumbbell snatch, 50 reps
    Row 750m
    20kg Dumbbell snatch, 35 reps
    Row 500m
    20kg Dumbbell snatch, 20 reps

    Drum: 19.51 rxd
    Chops: 22.27 (10kg DB)
    Russ: 20.47 rxd

    Daniel (12kg/yellow cone) / Kyle (16kg)=290
    DJ Dave / Big Wave =332 rxd
    Julie / Leisha (RR)=435
    Alex / Raxor =271 rxd
    Bove=120 rxd
    Loz / Kate B=332 (12kg)

    12 noon
    Emily / Jess =413 rxd
    Lukey / Shaun =290 rxd
    Yaro / Slats =340 rxd

    Ben / James =338 (16kg)
    Kate / Sonya =347 rxd
    Cam / Le’Roy =365 rxd
    Adam / Jake =378 rxd
    Brett / Tom = 395 rxd
    Eve (12kg) / Nick (16kg) =346

    Steph / Tania =419 rxd
    Matt =159 rxd

  4. i agree Yaro, it was a super cool WOD – great to be outdoors and always motivating to work as a team (thanks Jess). Girls make sure you come tonight – yes it’s running but you’ll enjoy it… promise!

    1. Don’t worry Em, Steph and I will be there-even if I have to drag her there myself haha.

  5. Yup yup yup- it was a great WOD this morning, great to get outside, more team WODs please Drum!

  6. Yes it was great but guys and gals it’s meant to be a surprise don’t tell the people who haven’t been yet what it is D:

      1. Everytime I look at that photo I can’t stop laughing. Doc’s face……hahahahahahaha. ROR!

  7. Nothing like some good old fashioned face slapping to warm you up.

    Lukey carried me all the way for the WOD.