WOD: Friday

Front Squat


Four rounds for time of:
15 Front Squats, 60kg (40kg)
30 Push-ups
45 Double-unders
Post load and time to comments.

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    1. Happy 17th Birthday Showtime. 1 year until Showtimes 18th – everyone at CF42s is invited.

      1. Happy Birthday Mate,

        if you would like to pick me up and drop me in town any time after 6.30 that would be great!!!


        1. OMG….I am 21 years older than ShowTime! If you ever need a new Mum, just let me know. Thanks for making me feel really old. Happy Birthday Dude!

  1. For time:
    Row 1600
    3 min rest
    Row 800
    2 min rest
    Row 400
    1 min rest
    Row 200
    Go to Bondi Beach!

    6.29 / 3.11 / 1.31 / .46

  2. WOD results:
    (3RM Front Squat/Met-con time)

    Lisa.N: 48.5kg/21.03 (26kg/knees/2x singles)
    Alex: 70kg/21.06 (40kg/attempts)
    DJ Dave: 90kg/16.59 rxd
    Matt: 100kg/13.59 rxd
    Mel: 48.5kg/13.44 (25kg/knees/2x singles)
    Lisa: 48.5kg/20.15 (27.5kg/knees/2x singles)
    Slats: 75kg/11.25 (50kg/2x singles)
    Brett: 75kg/19.33 (42.5kg)
    Bove: 70kg/19.50 (45kg)

    As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
    7 Snatch Balance, 40kg
    21 Double-unders

    Rest 3 minutes;

    As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes of:
    5 “L” Pull-ups
    5 Ring-dips

    Rest 3 minutes;

    4 rounds for time of:
    20 Burpees
    100m Farmers carry, 24kg Dumbbells

    Chops: A. 4 (30kg),B. 5 (strict pulll-up), C. 11.46 rxd
    Russ: A. 4+7 rxd, B. 8 rxd, C. 9.40 rxd
    Drum: A. 7 rxd, B. 6+4 (not quite 90 degree legs), C. 9.03 rxd

    Brad: 85kg/20.09 (attempts)
    Cam: 80kg/17.19 (50kg)
    Jane: 57.5kg/18.33 (30kg)
    Sonya: 50kg/19.25 (30kg-20kg)
    Slayer: 90kg/19.51 rxd
    Adam: 90kg/23.42 rxd
    Showtime: 70kg/24.10 (40kg)

    Steph: 55kg/21.07 (30kg)
    Tania: 42.5kg/22.17 (27.5kg/x2 single)
    Daya: 80kg/21.28 (50kg/100 single)

  3. Inverted ladder of 10 9,8,ect Deadlifts body weight 1,2,3,ect Toes to bar 9:10rxd

    did the funist workout yesterday went swimming in a creek found a big chunk of tree so deadlifts and clean and jerk a rock I think it was about 24kgs and did some frount squats and pull ups on an over hanging vine