WOD: Friday

Overhead Squat


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Kettlebell swings 24kg (16kg)
Knees to elbows

Post load and times to comments.

9 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Stevo: 20kg/4.42 rxd
    Dave: 25kg/6.06 (12kg/high knees)
    Chops: Prac Bar/5.55 (24kg/high knees)
    Andrew: 20kg/6.17 (24kg/high knees)
    Leigh: 35kg/5.04 (24kg/high knees)

    Drummond 80kg/2.46 rxd

    Alli: 25kg/5.25 (16kg/high knees)

    Tania: 16kg/5.02 (12kg/ high knees)
    Emily: 26kg/4.48 (16kg/high knees)
    Adam: 26kg/4.52 (24kg/high, high knees)
    Doc: 25 Burpees/5.21 (24kg/high knees)

  2. I thought you said today’s WOD wasn’t going to be a tough one Drummond? Kettlebell swings – always soul destroying.

    Team Smee (Emily, Anna, and I) are going to the Cascade Hotel for a steak after tonight’s workout. You’re all welcome to join us although if you order chips with your steak you’ll probably be lectured on the benefits of the paleolithic diet! We’ll probably be there about 7 or a bit before, depending upon when we finish the WOD.

    1. Yes – if you want the get diabetes, order the chips!

      I think the OHS will be soul destroying – the rest will be grip destroying (any skin left on the bar this morning?)

      Cross Country at Grove tomorrow 10am 2.4 and 7.2km. (Muddy apple orchard run).

      PS I know some great stretches to help you Chops with your flexibility issues – as I have the same prob’s.

      “Higha fivea”

      1. PS Rest day for me today. Will do this wod tomorrow 12.30 West Winds with Carolyn who is back from Thailand.

  3. Was a great workout this morning Adam!

    It’s soul destroying that im not flexible enough to lift anymore than the practice bar!

    The ONE question on everyones mind was “Where the Hell IS DOC this morning???”

  4. I’m up with you tomorrow annna. Can’t get outta the the house for the first out of doors wod unfortunately. Gotta put in on the chips though. Remember potatoes are fi
    full of saponins. Saponins make big dents inn your gut lining and let the crap on you gut get related with the rest of you. Better to not let shit into your body, I reckon. Ditch the grains, legumes, dairy. Personally it’s not that big a deal. It gets you a few funny looks but I’m used to that already and I love all the meat. Don’t believe the hype !!!!!(on grains)