WOD: Friday

Hang Power Snatch


4 rounds for time of:
7 Overhead Squat, 40kg (30kg)
14 Ring-dips
21 Box-jumps

Post max load and time to comments.

12 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Lisa: 3kg / 11.21 (16kg- band)
    Mel: 3kg / 8.48 (3kg/PU)
    Matt: 20kg / 8.40 (30kg)
    Em: 30kg / 15.03 (16kg/band)
    Julie: 32.5kg / 10.08 (orange)
    Alex: 42.5kg / 9.55 (30kg/purple)
    DJ Dave: 30kg / 7.06 (30kg)
    Bove: 40kg / 10.10 (32.5kg/purple)

    8am at Clarence Pool:
    As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:
    Swim 100m
    10 Clean & Jerks, 50kg
    10 Burpees

    Slayer: 5+swim+4 (40kg-50kg/in DPCUs)
    Phantom: 5+swim+1 (40kg-50kg)
    Brad: 5+75m Swim (sub C&J with 20 Squats)
    Russ: 5+swim rxd
    Chops: 6+70m swim rxd
    Drum: 6+swim+5 rxd

    Choppsy can swim – he is half fish.

    Callum: 25kg/8.38 (20kg/green)
    Showtime: 25kg/11.48 (25kg/purple)
    Cam: 50kg/ 7.25 (30kg/orange)

    Shep: 20kg/10.10 (20kg/purple)
    Lisa: 7kg/10.31 (16kg/purple/16″)
    Le’Roy: 50kg/10.29 (32kg KB/pull-up)
    Steph: 22.5kg/9.27 (22.5kg/pull-ups)
    Tania: 25kg/ 11.13 (20kg/purple)

  2. Starting at 20 reps then walk/run 20m, do 19 reps then walk/run 20m, do 18 reps then walk/run 20m….and so on all the way down to 1, finishing with the 20m walk/run.
    Rules – 1. MUST be a proper burpee. Chest to ground on EVERY rep.
    2. full hip extension when jumping up
    3. must clap above the head at the jump.

  3. Who is in for another crack (or first time crack) at Murph before Christmas?
    Chance to try the 100, 200, 300 in a different combo?

    So far – Anna, Adam, Lukey, Marv and Le’roy. Pls add interest and then we can lock a date in.

    1. I am up for the challenge but am seriously concerned about the 200 push ups. Can you organise vests? I reckon the other guys will want one too.

      1. No chance of me with vest…. I’m happy I’ve lost 10kgs!!! Don’t need it back…. Wow I’m sore today…..!

  4. I may be able to score a couple only…. Bove can get some.. we just drop a 10kg plate inside the vest.