WOD: Friday

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 rep rounds for time of:

Deadlift @ Bodyweight


Post load and time to comments.

Compare to last time here.

Best caption to comments.

25 Responses

  1. “When I stand up, my bum seems to disappear.”
    “Yeh, it even happens when you lie down too.”

  2. “Does your thong rub during those b****y double unders?”
    ‘Yeh, mine rides up like crazy…!”

  3. WOD Results:

    Julie: 5.44 (60kg rxd/GHD’s)
    Matt: 8.22 (80kg rxd/jump)
    Nadia: 10.26 (56kg-36kg/green)
    DJ Dave: 8.20 (80kg rxd)
    Kala: 15.08 (50kg/jump)
    Em: 13.41 (60kg/blue)
    Bove: 13.47 (90kg rxd/purple)
    Le’Roy: 9.54 (100kg rxd)
    Gemma: 11.51 (61kg rxd)
    Slats: 8.41 (90kg rxd)

    For time:
    200m Swim
    40m Walking Lunge with 25kg Sandbag
    100m Swim
    20 Thrusters with 20kg Dumbbells
    50m Swim
    60 Kettlebell Swings, 24 kg
    50m Swim
    20 Thrusters with 20kg Dumbbells
    100m Swim
    40m Walking Lunge with 25kg Sandbag
    Swim 200m

    Drum: 29.02 rxd
    Slayer: 37.26 in cams
    Phantom: 37.08 in cams
    Slats: 37.04 in cams

    Jane: 10.17 (60kg/green)
    Phantom: 11.09 (80kg rxd)
    Shaggy: mod: 40 Pull-ups (green), 37 Deadlifts, 30kg
    Cam: 6.53 (85 rxd)
    Shep: mod: 42 Pull-ups (green),50 Deadlifts,30kg
    Slayer: 10.15 (80kg rxd)
    Lisa: 10.58 (36kg/green)
    Razor: 9.39 (60kg rxd)

    Tania: 14.02 (50kg/purple)
    Nikki: 7.47 (60kg)
    Karen: 9.44 (60kg/sit-ups)
    Steph: 10.34 (60kg rxd/purple)
    Adam: 10.19 (80kg rxd)

    1. 11.15 Westwinds
      Anna 60kg rxd pullups 5.21
      Emily 60kg 3x rxd pullups then orange band 8.33
      Carolyn 70kg rxd pullups 12.40

  4. “Geez my bum is sore……..go easy tonight ok”……”don’t worry we will try this position instead”

      1. Drummond said I could put it up…..went through the appropriate Avenues prior to posting…….thereore yellow card does not stand!!!

          1. I think just because you ask Mum before you say something – doesn’t mean you still can’t get a yellow card – even if Dad thinks it’s funny.

    1. Russ – you are hard core! If you used 71 kg, you would have finished in about 2 min. I think I am your new biggest fan!

  5. Mate there is a workout on .com that will blow your mind, Drummo has seen it, lets do it! That is the ultimate challenge!

      1. Lumberjack 20! I bet that is it? Next week, lets go do it and smash ourselves so we can’t actually do any sort of functional movements in day to day life.

  6. Russ and DW – heads up on workout gear.
    – flannies
    – blueys
    – blunnies
    – explorers
    – deer stalkers
    – braces
    – cord shorts