WOD: Friday

3 rounds for time of:

30 Wall Ball, 10kg (6kg)

30 Snatch Balance, 35kg (25kg)

Post time to comments.

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      1. It’s the lights from the disco ball. DW hung one up and played Enrique for FGBV that Sat morning. It went off. That’s why I had DW’s costume on. He wanted to enhance the effect.

  1. WOD results:

    Mel: 15.24 (BS/3kg)
    Alex: 18.28 (20kg-10kg)
    Cam: 15.37 (20kg)
    Stevo: 19.42 (20kg)
    Chops: 15.37 (5kg)
    Russ: 17.44 rxd
    Em: c/o 2+1 (16kg)
    4 rounds for time:
    Run 400m
    50 squats
    Julie: 11.45
    Kala: 19.16

    Andrew: 12.25 (5kg/3kg RR)
    Le’Roy: 14.00 (20kg)
    Leila: 20.45 (5kg/3kg RR)
    Max: 14.06 rxd
    Jack: 19.31 (20kg)
    Kate: 18.06 (16kg)
    Pilk: 17.01 (30kg)
    Karen: 13.26 (BS/3kg RR)
    Emily: 23.17 (20kg)
    Anna: 17.21 (20kg)
    Tania: 33.03 (16kg)
    Jane: 10.30 (5kg/3kg RR)
    Doc: 17.36 (25kg)
    Adam: 19.05 (30kg)
    Brittany: 11.53 (5kg/3kg RR)
    Steph: 19.17 (16kg)

    6 rounds for time of:
    Run 400m
    25 Burpees

    Alex.S: 20.37
    Tom: 20.15
    Ross: 21.07

  2. Anna love the outfit!! Was bummed when you weren’t at the Wednesday night CF session!! Scheduled to be back in 2 weeks so maybe see you there 🙂

    P.S. Are you coming up for the Crossfit Arena challenge??

  3. Thanks, but DW should really get the praise for putting this number together – he really has such a way with fabric and colour!

    Give me the date and class time when you are down next so I can plan the hike up from Woodbridge. Really looking forward to seeing you. Glen was such an ace help at BNE, hope he is well. Can’t make the Arena Challenge as have been away way too much this year. Maybe another time! Take care and keep in touch x

      1. All XF challenges are a blast Ad – heaps of fun and the more the merrier.
        No “ego” required.

        1. No doubt but I was referring to the way in which the Arena Games have been promoted – a gladiator helmet? Give me a break!

  4. Missing:
    1 Doctor Reid Lud!

    Last seen Wednesday at CF42s!
    Been missing in action ever since.
    Has been none to cook romantic dinners for women he hardly knows??

    Please Contact if found!

  5. FOUND! One extremely satisfied Doctor who had a good response for the dinner which was cooked!