WOD: Friday

Push Jerk 3-2-2-1-1-1

3 efforts of max static hold hollow rock.

Post load and total hollow rock hold time to comments.

7 Responses

  1. WOD results:
    (Push Jerk Load/total time static hollow rock hold)

    Em: 35kg/59secs
    Julie: Front Squat 10RM 42.5kg/4.25
    Pilk: 80kg/4.20
    Kate: 42.5kg/2.51
    Chops: 70kg/2.15
    Big Wave: 90kg/2.56
    DJ Dave: 20kg bar work/4.13

    4 rounds for time of:
    20 Push Press, 7kg
    20 Wall Push-ups
    Row 200m
    Tony: 17.44

    5pm: Nikki: 20kg bar work/5.30
    Emily: 20kg bar work/1.46
    Le’Roy: 90kg 2RM
    Showtime: 20kg bar work/2.22
    Jess: 55kg 2RM/1.30

    Adam: 65kg/3.45
    Cam: 75kg/2.00
    Lisa: 20kg bar work/1.40
    Tania: 40kg/1.49
    Steph: 40kg/2.19

  2. cloudy trip sunday… meet my place, catch early fez. I’m in, Doc’s in… Anyone else?

    1. 2pm: Balranald NSW

      10 Mile Run
      25 Burpees on the min every 3 mins.

      Stevo: 1hr 37min 28sec

        1. I bit off more than I could chew. I had to have a 4hr power nap afterwards. Highly not recommended. Nor will I be doing it again anytime soon!

  3. So whats the G-O with the surfing??? I did send Drummond a message to pass my number on to you Leigh, but i dont know if he did!!!


  4. catch 745 fez, meet my place in the cit at around 630… txt me 0408 078 866… will the missus let you out that early???