WOD: Friday

Lifting at The Colossal Olympic Lift-off tomorrow? Click here for some Pre-comp’ Prep’.

Three rounds for time of:
40 seconds of One Arm Dumbbell Thrusters, 20kg/10kg
Rest 20 seconds
40 seconds of Strict Pull-ups
Rest 20 seconds
40 seconds of One Arm Kettlebell Snatch, 24kg/16kg
Rest 20 seconds
40 seconds of Hand Release Push-ups
Rest 20 seconds

*Spend 40 seconds at each of four stations, with 20 seconds of rest between stations. This will result in a four-minute round. This event calls for three rounds. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of ‘rotate,’ the athletes must move to the next station immediately. One point is given for each rep.

*For Thruster or KB Snatch you can use any arm and do not have to switch. You can do all the reps and all rounds with a single arm or mix it up to use both arms.

Thanks to CrossFit Football for the idea.

Post total score to comments.

Candy leaves us today to follow her career to Shepparton.
CF42s wishes you all the luck in the world as you chase down your dream Candy.
You’ve been such a positive energy around the box and you’ll be missed.



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  1. Keep on shining beautiful girl; thanks for always being so friendly and encouraging xx