WOD: Friday

For max reps:

5 min Power Clean, 60kg (40kg)

4 min Squat

3 min Push-ups

2 minutes Sit-ups

1 minute Pull-ups

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    1. You know I taught at a school that was 70% Jonah, our whole school was Gumnut cottage, with the exception of the “lighthouse” where our “gifted” kids went! I love Jonah!

  1. WOD results:
    (power clean reps/squat reps/push-up reps/sit-up reps/pull-ups reps)

    Mel: 96/117/61/50/18=292 (20kg HPC/knees/jump)
    Julie: 57/141/18rxd,55 knees/44/5=318 (20kg/purple)
    Stevo: 39/140/109/80/32=400 (sub cleans with 20kg dumbbell thrusters)
    Alex: 52/106/44/36/10=248 (50kg)
    Doc: 30/105/40/44/8=227rxd
    Gemma: 83/103/26rxd, 42 Knees/78/36=368 (26kg/green)
    Em: 65/100/48/29/9=271 (20kg/blue)
    Bove: 23/74/38/26/13=174 (56kg/green)
    Chops: 28/100/81/55/12=276 (sub cleans with 20kg dumbbell thrusters)

    It was great to have Gemma from CrossFit Arena drop in for a workout this morning!

    Tabata KB pull: 10
    Tabata Wall Push-ups: 9
    1500m row: 9.09

    Alli: 50/85/53/46/21=255 (25kg/knees/sub pull-ups with knees to elbows)

    Andrew.F: 66/100/50/35/21= 271 (20kg/knees/blue)
    Cam: 60/93/50/38/15= 256 (40kg/green)
    Stef: 53/101/62/46/16= 278 (40kg/sub pull-ups with pistols)
    Emily: 30/132/59/51/22= 294 (sub 10kg dumbbell thrusters/purple)
    Kate: 59/110/47/47/19= 282 (20kg/green)
    Luke: 77/165/75/41/14= 342 (HPC 30kg/box)
    Tania: 69/85/65/55/12= 286 (26kg/knees/blue)
    Steph: 72/151/65/41/21= 350 (22.5kg/knees/green)
    Le’Roy: 10 rounds for time of: 10 Ring Push-ups, 10 Pull-ups: 14.49 rxd