WOD: Friday

With a continuously running clock perform one pull-up in the first minute, two pull-ups in the second minute, three pull-ups in the third minute, four pull-ups in the fourth minute etc. . . .
Continue until you are unable to complete the required repetitions in the allotted minute or until you reach 20 minutes.
If you are unable to complete the required repetitions in the allotted minute before 20 minutes has elapsed, rest for 1 minute and then resume by performing the number of repetitions from your last successful attempt and reducing the number of repetitions by one each minute thereafter until 20 minutes has been reached.

11 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Doc: 9 (purple- 3rxd)
    Julie: 9 (green- 5rxd)
    Chops: 12 (purple- 9rxd)
    Kala: 18 (jumps)
    Emma: 8 (blue)
    Simon: 11 rxd
    Andrew: 9 (green- 3 rxd)

    As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
    5 Kettlebell raises Left arm
    5 Kettlebell raises Right arm
    10 Wall Pushes
    16 Step overs

    Tony 8+5

    Alli: (sub push-ups) 15 (Knees- 7rxd)

    Sophie: 19 (green)
    Stevo: 20 rxd

    Callum: 12 rxd
    Tania: 19 (blue)
    Le’Roy: 12 rxd
    Andrew: 9 (green)
    Steph: 19 (blue)
    Russ: 18 rxd
    Luke: 12 rxd
    Kate: 19 (green)

    1. Great work getting 20rxd Stevo. Well done…tried but no SAS training like you buddy!

  2. I agree, great photo! (Yes, Alex – DW has made you look good).

    West Winds
    Tuesday WoD 3-3-3-3-3 OHS and L-sit

    Anna: 26/4, 28.5/3, 31/5, 36/3, 40/2
    Red: 28.5/4, 31/3, 36/4, 41/3, 46/3

    (L-sits done with 2 x 20 kg KBs)

      1. Great work Anna, you have me covered on the OHS!
        I need to chat to you about a few more stretches to loosen myself up!
        I found a good one that K.Starr has a video on with the rubber bands

  3. Don’t know about having you covered, Chops. I only got to 41 kg as Red was there, otherwise I would have chucked a tantrum at 25 kg and gone home! OHS are the bain of my life (along with people who dress in trendy clothes – everyone needs a certain level of “dag” in their dress code). I think it is practice, confidence and flexibility. We will have to get to a class at the same time next week. I think I am going to practice them every week and brainwash myself into liking them.

  4. Hay Anna and everyone else check this out. its a blog written by Kelly Star a mobility guru from the states. some of these stretches are awesome for opening up for overhead squats. they will hurt, but just embrace the pain. 🙂


  5. Thanks! Just what I need to focus on. Good one Max. OK Chops – off we go on a journey to pain town.

    1. Just imagine if it was easy, Miles. Everyone would be doing it. Top job!
      Hope you have fixed your t-shirt?