WOD: ‘Barbara’

5 Rounds for time of:

20 Pull-ups

30 Push-ups

40 Sit-ups

50 Squats

Post time to comments.

Alli improvises Knees to Elbows.

19 Responses

  1. WOD results: (30 minute cut-off)

    Stevo: 19.23 rxd
    Toddy: c/o 4+20+20 (blue band/knees)
    Max: 21.57 rxd
    Chops: c/o 4+20+30 (blue band/knees)
    Miles: 28.53 (purple band)
    Leigh: 29.27 (blue band

    Jess.W: c/o 4+20+30+40+49 (jumping/knees)
    Anna: 22.41 rxd
    Alex: c/o 4+20+18 (jumping/knees/weighted sit-ups)
    Tania: 29.22 (jumping/knees)

    Jess’ first CrossFit workout and she got cut-off with 1 rep to go – fantastic Jess. Welcome to CrossFit 42South.

    Alli: c/o 4+20+15 (ring rows/knees)

    Marvellous Emily: 26.47 (green band/knees)
    Drummond: 19.03 rxd

      1. New box rule:
        If you beat the trainer you owe 150 burpees 😉

        Fantastic efforts today team. Who’s got sore arms?

  2. did anyone see doc this morning? I got an email from him saying he needed a break…. will say no more!

  3. Lethal I didn’t see Doc today – after yesterdays superb effort on the rower, very disappointing to see a no show this morning.

  4. hmmm maybe drummond you should start introducing penalties…. especially for poor excuses such as “tired, need a break”!

    (typing like a goat today – forearms are trashed)

  5. hey drummond, maybe we should name a workout after “doc”… it would be – 1 round for time of: 1 chin up, 1 push up, 1 sit up and 1 squat….

  6. 9.00am

    32.47 – didn’t do pull ups after 2nd round, something catching in my right shoulder during upward swing of kip. Pretty painful. Any ideas?

    1. Is that just since you did Tues WOD – the snatching? Both Chops and I have the same niggle this morning.

      1. Yeah, could well be. The 100 pull ups on monday might have something to do with it too. Hopefully just a little over taxed.

  7. Drummond,
    I’m going to sit out tonight but have organised with Anna to do today’s WOD on Friday night down at Westwinds. Well done to everyone that’s got through it so far today and good luck to those hitting it tonight!