Our primary focus at CF42s is to help you reach your goals (and have fun doing it).

This year we are going to take a different approach to the advanced athlete work.
So that athletes get the coaching they deserve and individual needs can be better met we are going to have all athletes join the daily class.
The ‘advanced’ work will be more like ‘additional’ work for the athlete wanting to do that little bit more, work on weaknesses or even follow a personalised program.
The daily ‘additional work’ will have a focus on olympic lifting, strength and skill work and can be completed during any session time with the exception of CF42s MAD and Droga classes (As always we ask that you consult with the trainers on where you can best complete the work without interfering with the class).
One-on-one coaching will also be offered this year for the athlete wanting that extra level of coaching and accountability with setting and reaching goals with a personalised program which can be hit in addition to the daily WOD.
One-on-one coaching will be available from as little as $25 for half an hour.

Baseline testing for identification of strengths and weaknesses:
Over the next two weeks we will be conducting some simple baseline test for use in a “strengths and weaknesses’ workshop on Saturday 17th January at 1000. This will be a useful tool for programming both additional work and personalised programs.
Please post your interest in this workshop to comments.

Please talk to your trainers about your goals or if you have any questions. We are here to help YOU reach your goals.