Trial Timetable…

Thank you for your feedback on our timetable. Here is an amended proposed timetable.
Our aim is to find a timetable which maximises your opportunities to train.
Starting on Monday 27th April we will trial a new timetable for two weeks.


Changes include:

  1. 12 noon sessions move to 1pm
  2. Thursday Oly Lift session moves to Friday 0700
  3. The addition of a 0800 open gym on week days

We will invite your feedback during this trial period.
Again, it is our aim to maximise your opportunities to train.

83 Responses

    1. now for constructive feed back

      as I don’t finish work until 5pm my preference would be either a 5:30 or a 5:40 session.

  1. Well that will definitely get me outta bed for the 7am sessions now 🙂

  2. This makes it hard for anyone finishing work around 5pm, especially with no 6pm session Friday.

    Disappointed that there isn’t a lifting class in the evening.

    1. For sure Dan. I finish at 4:45 and still wouldn’t make it to 5pm once I change, walk to my car, then find a park :-/

  3. Keep the feedback coming guys because it generates discussion.
    The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

  4. I agree with Dan that those of us who work till 5pm will now have to wait around till 6pm, so not happy to lose the 5.30pm WOD

  5. If you love something enough you can hold tight half hour or get of bed half hour early , get the fresh air before some other bastard does!

    1. Love your positive attitude Eddie but other may prefer to leave or change Box.

    2. Get what you’re saying Eddie, and if it has to be 6 then that’s okay, but 5:30 fit well, and getting home half an hour later isn’t ideal either.

    3. I totally understand where you’re coming from too, Eddie.
      However, 30 mins is a significant amount of time for some of us. Especially when it boils down to whether you get to see your children when they get up in the morning/before they go to bed 🙂

  6. Same as above comments, finish AT 5 the majority of the time so would have to wait till 6.

  7. If we’re dropping the 6:40 session, I would really love an 8am as I now work until 6:30pm 3 days a week and this means my day will begin early with training, and I’ll also be working late-ish hours.
    I understand the earlier cf times as with winter no one wants to be running in the cold and dark at night, but it makes it hard for people who finish late afternoons.

  8. I would prefer to keep the 5.30 time slot. I finish at 5ish, so the 5.30 fitted in well. I agree with the others that getting home later is not ideal, particularly in winter.

    But I can make it work if to make the 5pm session if I push or I can make the 6pm session and use the time until the 6pm class doing the additional work, but know that not everyone does this either

    My preference is to keep 5.30
    Super happy with a 1pm trial for lunch time class.

  9. My Selfish View 😉
    1pm class: I prefer 12pm as it suits just fine to have lunch after training at 1.
    1pm class means not having lunch until after 2 which will make me H-u-Angry :-/

    1. That’s my view too -2pm is way too late to eat. I’ll be hangry by then!

  10. Love this feedback guys, keep it coming.
    This is YOUR box and we need YOUR thoughts so that we can maximise YOUR opportunities to train.

  11. I think it’s great as it will make it easier for Terry he has trouble with working out the time when the little hand not pointing to a number.

    1. Was that a copy of the Quran on your dash rob ? I think terry needs to alert some mates of a potential threat…

        1. Eddie, can you ring Crimestoppers for me, if they get more than one call they are more likely to act.

          1. Crime Stoppers have got Eddies number on speed dial from back in the day (10 months ago)

  12. I liked the fact the sessions started a bit after 4, then when you finish at 4 you could make 4.20, same if you finish work at 5 you were good for 5.30

    1. Agree Simeon. Heaps of us work an 8-4 roster so 4.20 was perfect. Would like to see it stay.

  13. I can’t get to the box until after 6pm, if this became the time table I’d be out. Losing the friday 6:40 was already a blow

  14. Old time table fits better for me. Finnish at 4, Kids n stuff. Same old reasons 🙂

  15. I’m working shifts now so I’ll be coming in during the day from time to time. Either 12 or 1 suits. An 8 am would be nice to suit my afternoon shifts, 9.30 am means half the day is almost gone for me and I want to take advantage of the time I’ll have off during the day to do some constructive work around home.
    Having worked 8 am to 4 pm for a long time I know there are a few people that knock off at 4 pm and that 4.20 suited.
    I’ll be knocking off at 3 pm and 5 pm with the new roster. It still suits me better to do the 4.20 because I have time to do some shopping or running around. I also can come in a bit early and do little extra training. Obviously the 5.30 suits a 5 pm knock off.
    Anyone else interested in an 8 am? Is the box open at this time for some training if there isn’t a class?

  16. 6pm works perfectly for me due to finishing at 5:30 through the week!
    Preferred 12pm to 1pm as mentioned above, then I get to each lunch at 1pm instead of 2pm. But this isn’t a big enough reason for me to not come, just being picky.

  17. I finish work at 4 so can just make 4.20 and have a little time for extra stretching before. As for 5pm same as with others waiting around to much is lost time with kids at home so that doesn’t work best for me. In a perfect world I would like to see 5.30 every day as open gym so we can get through the extra work some of us do when we have the time, and most can still do daily wod if that what they choose.

  18. 6.40 was always my preferred class, having nothing after 6 is a real disappointment considering the trends across Australia are people work more and have less time to train, so having later options was always my thought e.g 7pm class. On a side note, me and Jess are leaving for Melbourne so drinks at grape 7pm Friday ????

  19. Ignore question marks, they must replace the smiley face! Drinks this Friday at grape! Be there!

  20. IF classes/closing times had to be earlier, would a 4:40 and 5:40 with a 7pm close every week day work?

    1. It’s not about closing earlier Dan.
      It’s about finding times which allow the most amount of people to train the most amount of the time.
      The 6.40pm class averages 4-7 people.

  21. 4pm is too early for me, while I could make it most days I like to have a bit of time (15-20mins) to mobilise before starting.
    5pm is ok, but I’m pretty sure I’ll miss the 40 minutes difference from 4:20 in the evening.

    1. Maybe not a good suggestion, but would it at all be possible to overlap the 5.30 and 6.40 class so it then becomes 6.15pm instead?
      We always have 2 coaches to facilitate it?? That way people who finish work at 6 could make it in straight away and get out earlier??
      Just a thought?

    2. Yay, I like this one much better. If it had a night time Oly lifting session it’d be perfect.

    3. I like the 2nd Timetable you have added, For me my work hours are all over the place So ive found the 9:30, 12 & 4:20 sessions are great. A 1pm would also work. Why don’t you guys keep the current timetable and add the 1pm

  22. With the above timetable i wouldnt be able to continue as my work conflicts with all except one 6am class. Please Keep the 6.40 option 🙂

  23. Could the Oly lift program from Friday stay up on the board for Saturday, so we can complete it during Saturday Open Sessions?

    1. Oly lift program is posted to the Addition work blog on Tuesday and Thursday Dan.
      You are welcome to hit this work during any session (please consult with a trainer before hand so that we can position you away from the class).

  24. I guess I could do another filling in that extra half an hour, any takers!

  25. The changes don’t affect me
    6am still fits my day best, but it does mean a 9pm bedtime. 7am session would make me too late for work, and finishing from 4.15ish means missing the 4.20 class and long wait to the 5.30 class. I don’t get lunch breaks so middle of the day isn’t an option.

  26. Nurses finish between 3 and 3:30 so hanging around till 4.20 is a long wait and then taking an hour to train before collecting children is awful. I was so pleased we could trial a 4pm but I see now it’s not going to happen. It means that I can’t train at all on days I work an early shift.

      1. I am really appreciative of that extra time between 3:30 and 4.20 for mobilizing and talking shit.

    1. I’m a 4:20 fan but I can fit to any changes with little effect. I’m happy to see 4.20 stay for now.

  27. I was laughing all the way through this. I feel everyone’s pain. Welcome to how it feels to be a shift worker and no routine. I think it’s amazing that drum & crew are trying to suit all!

  28. The 8am addition is great. Unfortunately for me the loss of the 12pm class will mean I cannot train on my way to work at the royal as my shift starts at 2. Nurses at the royal also finish at 4pm so the 4.20 is great.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity for input.