Trial Timetable feedback…

The two week trial period for the proposed timetable ends this week.
We would love your feedback. Please post thoughts to comments.
Remember our aim is to provide you with the greatest opportunity to train.


10 Responses

  1. Would prefer the 1pm go back to 12. Finishing at 2 throws off my entire afternoon. Lunch past 2pm is a big problem for me. I’ve had the “hangries” big time.

  2. Really happy that 5:30 has stayed. 7am works well for me if I need to hit up a morning class before work.

    I really like the option/safety net of 6:40 classes if I have to work back late but I see the numbers are dropping pretty badly with things getting colder and darker recently.

  3. I would sooooooo love the 12:00 sessions back. There is even a guy in my office that would like to come and give CF42s a try but decided not to when the 12:00 session was moved to 1:00. Just a small thing but it highlights how inconvenient the 1:00 session can be for some people. Myself included.
    In the end we will all work around whatever is better for all but I much prefer 12:00

  4. I would prefer the 1200 sessions. Nurses start late shift between 1330 and 1400.

    Coming in at 1200 is ideal 🙂

  5. Don’t like the 1pm class, the 12.00 class splits the day better and seems easier to schedule meetings around.

  6. Agree with above, 1200 sessions are the bomb. 1300 just that bit too late for shift workers on afternoon shift.

  7. I like the idea of open gym at 8am every day. Considering 12pm seems to be a favourite, could there also be an open gym after that session for those who would like to train at 1pm? So open gym at 8am and/or 1pm?