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Based on feedback from our athletes we have made some exciting changes to our timetable – starting Monday 13th October.
Barbell Club will now be replaced by Oly Lift classes with one of Australia’s most highly credentialed coaches Leo Isaac.
Yoga has been replaced by a Stretch and Mobilisation class (Droga)
CF42s Kids has moved to 1545 on Monday and Friday
and introducing…

CF42s Express
With a focus on less-technical functional movements these sessions are sure to make you puff and blow.
Perhaps best explained as an indoor Bootcamp these 45 minute group classes are
perfect for those wanting to focus on improving their conditioning, seeking weight loss or wanting to dip their toe in the water and see what CrossFit is all about.
A time efficient way to get fit our coaches will use fun and clever formats to maximise your return on investment and keep you accountable.
Appropriate for all levels of ability and experience.

For existing athletes these classes are included in the Monthly CrossFit training fee.

Alternatively a CF42s conditioning membership can be purchased at $99 per month – this membership allows you access to unlimited CF42s Conditioning sessions, stretch/mobilisation classes and in house CF42s Nutrition talks.
There is no requirement for new athletes to complete a CF42s on-ramp before joining these sessions.