The Tasmanian CrossFit Community grows…

Our good friend Jimmy Thomas opens the doors at Tassie’s newest CrossFit Affiliate tomorrow – CrossFit Colossus.

The CF42s team wishes you all the best Jimmy – may the community grow stronger together.

7 Responses

  1. Congrats Jimmy and best of luck!
    DW, what an accomplishment. We have all trained under your guidance and mentoring and every Crossfit box in Tassie is open because of your influence one way or another. Throw in all the coaches and you have an awesome Crossfit community you created. How do we start to repay that?

    Thanks is not enough man!

  2. Cheers DW and Russell Kapper and AS, couldnt have done it without all those inspirational talks after training of a morning. Constantly telling me that i would do a great job and guiding me to be a better coach….Thanku all. So true Russ, he is like the Godfather of crossfit 🙂 tassie crossfit is by far 1 of the most strong communities and it will only get stronger. Thanks again cf42s and cfwx crews xx

  3. Congratulations Jimmy, you are going to be a fantastic trainer/box operator! Ive already started spreading the world – hopefully lots of eastern shore midwives heading your way 🙂 Look forward to hitting up a wod with you soon – are you doing any reciprocal arrangements?

  4. looking forward to it em, i havent seen u in ages ….just get your butt over here and train 🙂 always welcome