Everything you need to know can be found on the Naked Whey Friday Night Hit-out event info page.
Last updated 20th February 2014

14.1 FINAL SCOREBOARD HERE. (Thanks to our super-nerd Alex)

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Athletes please enter your 14.1 score on the CrossFit Games site NLT 1700 Monday 3rd March.

Our weekly prize winners recieve a bag of protein from or major sponser The Naked Whey.

Best Female and Male score:
Congratulations to Chelsea (CF Dauntless) and Cam (CF42s) for producing the top scores for the night.

Spirit of the Hit-out 14.1 goes to…
Claire Warren from CFWX.
Claire has been CrossFitting since December and aprehensively registered at the last minute yesterday afternoon. She put in a super gutsy effort last night having never snatched 25kg before.