A massive thank you to our tech guru Alex Lee for this awesome scoreboard.

The Naked Whey Friday Night Hit-out LIVE SCOREBOARD can be found here.

Athletes please enter your 14.5 score on the CrossFit Games site NLT 1700 Monday 31st March.

Thank you to our major sponser The Naked Whey and the boys at On the Go Paleo.

14.5 Winners
Congratulations to Todd Hurst (CrossFit Colossus) and Kath.O (CF42s) on the best score for 14.5.
These guys will receive a bag of Naked Whey Protein for their efforts.

The Naked Whey Friday Night Hit-out Overall winners
Congratulations to Danielle Berry (CF42s) and Todd Hurst (CrossFit Colossus) on being awarded the overall winners. They will receive a voucher from the boys at SportsCo Kingston.

Spirit of the Hit-out 14.5 goes to Aonny from CF42s.
Reasonably new to CrossFit Aonny has quickly proven himself to be a strong CrossFitter this weak placing 2nd with a smoking time of 13.15. The future holds big things for you mate.


Overall winner of The Friday Night Hit-out for 2014 goes to Claire Warren from CFWX.
CrossFit is a community of people who recognise that results come from hard work and overcoming weakness. This takes determination and courage even in the presence of fear and self doubt. Clare has embodied this spirit through out the five weeks of the CrossFit Open and is a shining example and inspiration to our fine community.