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The Naked Whey Friday Night Hit-out LIVE SCOREBOARD can be found here.

Everything you need to know can be found on the Naked Whey Friday Night Hit-out event info page.

Athletes please enter your 14.4 score on the CrossFit Games site NLT 1700 Monday 24th March.

Our weekly prize winners recieve a bag of protein from or major sponser The Naked Whey.

Congratulations to Kylee Flesher visiting from CrossFit Deux in Melbourne and Toby Burgess from CF42s on achieving the highest score for 14.4.

Spirit of the Hit-out 14.4 goes to…
Wow, this week the judges had a tough job to choose the “spirit” award.
Nic Sutherland.
Nic came out of no where last night to score an impressive 185 reps (5 muscle-ups). Nic quietly got the job done without any fuss – in fact he was so sneaky we couldn’t find a photo of him…
Special mention to Harry Glover, Mick Lane, Jared Bleathman and Mel Richardson.