The CF42s Mountain Goat Challenge…

Meeting point:
The Springs (see map)
Be ready for a 0800 start (expect to finish by 12 noon)
Join us afterwards for a well earned steak and beer at the Cascade Hotel.
Please bring $30 cash
What to Bring:
Steady running shoes
Good socks
Waterproof wind stopper
Mobile Phone
Any personal medication such as asthma puffers

This is a team challenge – be ready for the unknown and unknowable.

5 Responses

  1. Fern Tree Tavern has a new owner and great meals now apparently..

    Where ever we go, maybe ring and warn them beforehand this time?

  2. Can’t be a mountain goat Saturday, have to go to Launceston, have fun, not happy i can’t be part of the action.