Friday Night Hit-out results for 13.4:
Men: 1st DJ (CF42s), 2nd Curtis (CFWX), 3rd Scotty (CF42s)
Women: 1st Jess (CF42s), 2nd Linds (CF42s), 3rd Amy.R (CF Adelaide)

Friday Night Hit-out results overall:
Men 1st Toddy Hirst (CFC), 2nd Scotty (CF42s), 3rd Matty.R (CF42s)
Women 1st Linds (CF42s), 2nd Kylie (CF42s), Tied 3rd Laura (CF42s)/Belinda (CFC)

Please don’t forget to log on to your CrossFit Games account here and submit your score NLT 1700 Sunday so that they can be validated by CF42s.

Results can be found here.