The CrossFit Open workouts for 2015 will be announced by CrossFit HQ online at 12 noon each Friday for the next 5 weeks.
Registered CF42s athletes will compete between 0700-1000 Saturday.
CF42s members who have registered for the CrossFit Open will be required to reserve a place to be judged between these times.
Each Friday afternoon we will post a timetable of available times (dependant on the WOD length/logistics) – first in best dressed. If unable to attend at these times it will be the responsibility of the athlete to book and pay for a one-on-one coaching session with one of our trainers.

Members not entering the Open
The Open workouts will be run on Saturday morning at 0700 and 0900 under normal training conditions. No formal competition set up, rules or judging will be available during these sessions. This is just another training session, don’t stress!

Competition Brief
If you are a registered athlete or judge, please view the competition brief, including the movement standards, before arriving at the gym on Saturday.