Thank you from Russ…

How do you respond to all the CrossFit Community to thank them for all their support, phone calls, emails and messages of goodluck and best wishes?

I really don’t know where to start!

As I get ready to leave for the comp, I thought I would keep you posted on what I am thinking.

I don’t know what will happen but I do know  this:

I have two greatest Coaches in Drummond and Anna, I do not believe I would be going to the games without their persistence, drive and mentoring.I know I have been a handful and pushing them to their limits always trying to tap into all their knowledge to absorb as much info from them.I wonder if the community know what a talent they have in both of them.I can never repay this debt but I can assure them that I will NEVER give up, I will give 150%, I will push through each event like my life depended on it

I will not let them down. Nor will I let down Mel (keep your bloody arms straight) and Chops  both  have passed on to me that I must not drop to my knees; I must approach each rep from strength not weakness and continue onto the next rep.I am not concerned with the competitors, it’s not that I don’t respect them , I am there to compete against the Wod’s  for time.I am only interested in doing my best the rest will take care of itself.For all the community that inspired me along the way to keep pushing , even when I had nothing left.Thank you to everyone for making me the competitor I amRegardless of the outcome, I will do my best.

Russell Kapper

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