Atmosphere – I can’t describe the stoke and motivation these Hit-outs are giving me.

This weeks ‘Spirit of the Hit-out’ goes to Jade Hollick from CrossFit Colossus.
After dropping the bar on herself mid Push Press Jade got back up and completed the WOD although she was clearly shaken.
Jade showed courage, guts and determination and so this week she take the Spirit award.
Congrats Jade.


Friday Night Hit-out results for 13.2:
1st Matty J (CF42s), 2nd DJ (CF42s), 3rd Jimmy Newbold (CFWX)
1st Laura (CF42s), 2nd Linds (CF42s), 3rd Millie (CF42s)

Friday Night Hit-out results overall:
1st Toddy Hirst (CFC), Tied 2nd Matty R (CF42s), Tied 2nd Scotty.L (CF42s)
1st Linds (CF42s), 2nd Laura (CF42s), 3rd Millie (CF42s)

Results can be found here.

Please don’t forget to log on to your CrossFit Games account here and submit your score NLT 1700 Sunday so that they can be validated by CF42s.