Wow, choosing this award was significantly harder than the Judges could ever have imagined.

There were so many inspiring moments last night – the look on athletes face as they stood up a snatch they never thought was possible and the roar of the crowd as they shared the athletes delight or the watching the crowd and how truly invested they were in an athlete struggling to complete a snatch time and time again.

Thank you CrossFit Tasmania for filling CF42s with your amazing spirit and athleticism.

The award for Spirt of the Hit-out this week goes to Laura Buissink.
At the age of 15 Laura achieved 151 reps rxd landing the 45kg Snatch in the last minute.
Congratulations Laura!

Friday Night Hit-out results so far:
1st Toddy Hirst (CFC), 2nd Matty R (CF42s), 3rd Sparta (CF42s)
1st Linds (CF42s), 2nd Millie (CF42s), 3rd Laura (CF42s)

Results can be found here.

Please don’t forget to log on to your CrossFit Games account here and submit your score NLT 1700 Sunday so that they can be validated by CF42s.