Russell Kapper – 5th fittest 50-54 year old male… in the World!

Congratulations to Russ for his sterling effort at the CrossFit Games in L.A.

To achieve such an amazing result after just 12 months of CrossFitting is a testament to his dedication and ability as an athlete.

Russ performed well across all workouts but dominated in the chipper, coming first overall with the next athlete finishing some 90 seconds behind him.

Russ displayed unrelenting guts and determination and was clearly a crowd favorite with his fine display of sportsmanship and encouragement of fellow athletes.

We were honored to hang out with the world’s best CrossFitters in the athlete’s rest and warm-up areas. A finer group of people you could not find. To be in their presence is nothing short of inspiring.

Both Russ and I return with an even greater drive and enthusiasm to face those ‘goats’ and push both our coaching and athleticism to the next level.

Well done Russ – I couldn’t be prouder of you mate.

2 Responses

  1. Russell, absolutely amazing. I want to b just like u 🙂

    Thanks for inspiring me mate, can’t wait to train with u again soon