Rest day at CrossFit 42South

Be inspired!

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  1. Anna: 8.30am 1.45hr run (chronic cardio – Melb Marathon training)

    West Winds 10.30am
    9 C+J
    12 Ring Dips
    15 KB Swings

    Carolyn: 16.24 30kg/yellow band/16)
    Red: 17.00 50kg/rxd/rxd

    West Winds 3.00pm
    Run Cindy Run

    Emily: 13+5+4

    New Pull up bars up at West Winds! “Pain inducing awesomeness”

    1. Go Anna! Those new shoes must nearly been worn out with all the running you are doing!!

  2. Weast Winds Gym , pullup bars we have it all , yeh man . Whats next mmm maybe the mirrors , ( he he he) come on Anna.