Rest day at CrossFit 42South

Rest, eat well and get ready for a great week of training.

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  1. Modified WOD from 2009 Hardn’up Challenge at CrossFit Brisbane:

    100 reps from Chest to Overhead for time 40kg.

    Each time the Barbell drops below chest height, perform 10 Kettlebell swings 32kg.

    Post time to comments.

    Thanks to CrossFit Brisbane for the WOD.

    Drummond: time unknown as my Father-in-law drove off with my stop watch on his bonnet! Ha! Effort broken into 5 sets.

    1. 10am:
      Emily 5km fun run 22:57 – post run nutritional supplements: norman and dan chocolate and 1lt valhalla ice cream (blackberry cheesecake) – yes I do now have diabetes

  2. Good idea not to time rest day.
    Some efforts at Glenorchy 5k and 10k racces.
    Anna went past me finishing 5k.

  3. Good job DW – I am sure that you would have smashed it in under 2 mins. Times are always faster when the stop watch self destructs.

    Thanks for the encouragement Pete – got me past one of the girls (the 13 year old till beat me thou). Don’t forget to post your time.

    Anna: Glenorchy 5km Fun Run – 18.57 4th

    PS: David is so sore from yesterday he can’t sit down or grip anything – doesn’t look good for his flight to NYC tonight nor trying to break the record for the most tinnies skulled between AUST and the USA.

  4. Friday WOD: 150 Kettlebells / 10 Box Jumps every break


    Pearso: 14.20/7