Rest Day at CF42s…

Enjoy a well earned rest day.

Why not dig out an old toy and get reacquainted.

5 Responses

    1. 3 hrs later – 2.30pm
      West Winds

      50, 40, 30, 20, 10
      KB Swings (16kg)

      8.15 rxd

  1. WOD: Sleep
    Jess: 14 hours rxd (+ 2 hr nanna nap)
    Immune system failed, training too hard/soon, ended up back at square one re sickness. On antibiotics now so might take a few more days off. Home alone so (paleo) soup deliveries welcome! Hope you boys enjoyed Grinspoon! See you soon.

    p.s. Anna, not taking ‘Rest’ day very seriously are you?! I envy your energy levels. When’s the marathon?

    1. Take it easy Jess and I am sure there will be alot of soup deliveries if past interest on the website is anything to go by. Rest is important and you won’t lose anything – you will probably be stronger. Have to get the balance right. If you slept for that long you must have needed it.

      My rest day is Fri and this past week Thurs and Fri. Melb marathon is on Oct 10th. Did it 5 years ago and it has taken that long for the pain to be wiped from my memory. Will be interested to see how I go doing crossfit. Take care x