Rest day at CF42s…

Lukey practicing his front squats…

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  1. Everyone look this way for a step by step demonstration on the the correct technique for a bag tearing cut back. Sweet pic

  2. West Winds 10 am

    1RM Front Squat
    Phil – 91 kg
    Anna – 87 kg
    Daniel – 81 kg
    Carolyn – 71 kg
    (All pbs – yeehaa !!)

  3. Hi guys

    Im heading back up to queensland tonight. Its awesome to be able to train with you guys whenever im down and its unreal to see how everyone has improved so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you dont really notice it as much with the people you train with everyday, so its amazing and inspiring to see how much people improve in between my trips back to Tassie. it seriously blows my mind.

    A massive shout out to Drummond for running such a awesome outfit down there.

    If any of you guys head up to Queensland make sure you come into sunshine coast crossfit to say hi and hit up a WOD.

    Ill see you all again soon when im back down, keep on charging.


    1. Good on you Maxy.

      It’s always good to have you down mate. See you at Christmas time!

      P.S: Keep those Sunshine Coast boys on there toes mate. Give Lee, Lori and Mick a hug from me!