Rest day at CF42s…

Katie Hogan – a nicer person you could not meet.

4 Responses

  1. What are they trying to say? Just do what you feel you need to work on? I feel that CF programming should do this for us to a degree so we are getting constantly varied wods.

    Why does main site post any weights then? ie) Fran should be 21-15-9 Thrusters, Pull ups and Grace 30 C&J for time. If Katie is saying women should use the weight for what stimulus they are after, then why not men?

    Would be great to see ‘womens weights’ posted for a month and see what men choose to use. Would also be interesting to know the % of men v women CFitting thru out the world (anyone know?) I guess that there are more women? I would like to see womens weights posted – as they have to stipulate them for a comp. and they are always less. The main thing I dislike is when affiliates bracket the womens weight ie) 60kg (40). Seems like a postscript or an after thought.
    Thoughts anyone??

  2. I totally agree Anna. We need something realistic to measure ourselves against just as much as men do. There is no shame in the fact that we lift less than men and it does not make us inferior, it’s just what nature intended. We have to be able to compare ourselves to a standard and to similar athletes. If I only had “men’s” weights to strive for I would be constantly disappointed and I would also be much less aware of my own achievements and ability. I’m all for equality and strong women but I don’t expect to ever lift like with a big set of balls and a bunch of testosterone pumping round their body! I feel awsome when I do a workout rxd, don’t take that away from me.

  3. I agree with both of you. If I had to attempt to lift the mens weight I would always feel puny and insignificant. Having that RXD at a weight achievable by women is a great feeling, especially when you get it. If I had been thrown in to mens weights and height I would have been way to intimidated to continue I think. But yes, agreed with both of the above !