Rest day at CF42s…


On Wednesday Russell leaves for Los Angeles for his first ever CrossFit competition… The World CrossFit Games.

Earlier this year with less than 12 months CrossFit experience Russ battled it out against the world’s fittest to qualify 12th in the world for Masters (50-54 year olds) in a grueling 6 weeks test of fitness and athleticism.

Russ’ capacity as a human being is nothing short of phenomenal. When his peers are slowing down and considering their retirement years Russ is setting about becoming the best possible athlete he can be.

It would be easy for someone who has been in the fitness industry for as many years as Russ and have maintained an extremely high level of fitness to shun a new kid on the block like CrossFit but Russ has embraced it. CrossFit is a program that brings you face to face with your shortcomings everyday. An experienced CrossFitter knows that this challenge is hard on the both the body and at times the ego. I am in awe of Russ’ drive to challenge himself and face his weaknesses.

It has been an honor to have both coached and trained with Russ in the last year. I am inspired everyday by his enthusiasm and determination. It will be proud moment for me to see him go up against the world’s best athletes in L.A.

Good luck mate – do the Tasmanian CrossFit community proud.


Check out Russ’ Competition Profile here.

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  1. DW, Thanks for the love, i could not have got here without you and AS coaching.
    It has been an experience of a life time being coached and training with you guys.
    Training is a lot easier whe you are amongst friends! Love ya