Rest day at CF42s…

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  1. Tabata smashup anniversary edition
    KB SDHP/pushups/situps/squats
    12/6/13/9 rxd (last year 9/6/9/6 16kg/knees)

    1. Mate – 1 whole year? Fantastic. It’s been a pleasure to train you mate. Do you have any before and after photos?

      1. Ha! I don’t reckon my iPhone would allow access to any photos before! Seriously, the enthusiasm and results, and the growth of the business in the last year is a huge credit to you and Alli. Thanks mate for the carpark sleeps, the burpee fines, and everything in between. 

  2. Ditto Alex’s comments – Drummond and Alli congratulations on not only making it through your first year but creating such a FANTASTIC box – Crossfit 42S has and continues to be, a very positive addition to my life and I thank you, and all my fellow crossfitters for all your support, encouragement, enthusiasm and fun over the past year!

  3. Well done Alex! Even in the 5 months I’ve been at CF42S, I’ve seen smashing improvements, keep it up!