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The latest nutritional buzz word is definitely “omega-3 fatty acids,” and significant amounts of studies show that this is rightfully earned.

If you’re not already eating oily fish and/or taking some form of omega 3 supplement, maybe it’s time to start thinking about doing so!

Fish oil has so many proven benefits including better brain function and vision, decreased inflammation, decreased risk of heart disease and cancer, less depression, fewer headaches and decreased joint pain… the list seems almost endless! It has also been found to help people with schizophrenia and helps to relieve symptoms of arthritis.

What is omega 3 and why should I take it?

Omega 3 is a polyunsaturated essential fatty acid that converts to eicosanoids once inside the body. Eicosanoids are short-lived substances in your body that regulate things such as inflammation and immune response. It is “essential” because it can’t be made in the body, and therefore needs to be eaten or taken as a supplement. EPA and DHA are the essential omega 3 fatty acids, and are what you need to look at when choosing a supplement.

The main reason we need omega 3 is to keep our omega 6 to omega 3 ratio in check. Omega 6 is pro inflammatory and is so abundant in our western diets through red meat, vegetable oil and artificial butter products – we therefore need to have higher intakes of omega 3 to counteract the negative effects of the nasty omega 6.

How much do I need?

Most recommendations are to aim for 2-4g of omega 3 per day.

I would highly recommend using the Rob Wolf fish oil calculator which is found on the whole9 website:

This calculator takes into account body weight, health statis and the EPA/DHA content of your fish oil tablets.

Remember when buying fish oil ensure that it contains active omega 3 in the form of EPA and DHA.