Happy Australia Day!
Please note that the box is closed tomorrow for the public holiday. A workout which can be done at home will be posted.
Before you crank the hottest 100 up and throw a snag on the barbie read this:

The Friday Night Hit-out 2014
CF42s is excited to announce that we will be hosting the CrossFit affiliates of Hobart again for the “Friday Night Hit-out” during the five weeks of the CrossFit Open.
Stay tuned for more details but in the mean time do two things:

1. Register for the CrossFit Games Open here. Be sure to select CrossFit 42South as your affiliate and CF42s as your team. Regardless of ability or experience we need as many athletes as we can to better our chances and most importantly to have as much fun as possible.

2. Save these dates:
Friday 28th February from 1500 onwards – WOD 14.1
Friday 7th March from 1500 onwards – WOD 14.2
Friday 14th March from 1500 onwards – WOD 14.3
Friday 21st March from 1500 onwards – WOD 14.4
Friday 28th March from 1500 onwards – WOD 14.5

The CrossFit Open and the Friday Night Hit-out is a great way to push your training to the next level in a super supportive and encouraging environment – the spirit, atmosphere and mateship is something to be experienced – get around it.