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Details on how to register for ‘The Brave Friday Night Hit Out’ will be released next week.

This will be a local competition where the workouts will be those posted by CrossFit HQ on the CrossFit Games site during the five weeks of the CrossFit Open. (What’s the CrossFit Open? Watch this)
The competition will be held on the following dates with the athlete briefing at 1730 for a 1800 competition start:
Friday 8th March
Friday 15th March
Friday 22nd March
Thursday 28th March (Due to Easter)
Friday 5th April
Please note that a finish time can not be accurately determined due to us not being aware of the workouts until they are released each week by CrossFit HQ.

This competition is Open to all CrossFitters from all affiliates.
This competition is primarily aimed at exposing the Tasmanian CrossFit community to the ‘sport’ of CrossFit. These competitions are an amazing way for you to push yourself to the limits and see what you are truly capable of in a fun and super supportive environment. There are very few sports in the world where you genuinely cheer your competitors on!
All levels of ability and experience are encouraged to enter. Scaling options will be provided.
Visitors from the mainland are welcome to join us.
Missing a week due to other commitments is fine.
Bringing everyone you know on facebook to cheer you on is highly encouraged.

Prizes and giveaways thanks to our sponsors:
The Brave
Again Faster
Bulk Nutrients

Please post all questions to comments.

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