Rest day at CF42s…

Good luck to Tan who is competing in the CrossFit Ipswich Challenge today in Queensland. Go hard Russian Carpet Snake!

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  1. 7.30am @ CF42s
    10 rounds for time of:
    10 Thrusters 42.5kg
    10 Ring push ups

    finisher after exactly 5 min rest
    Hang power clean 60kg

    Drum 14.58 + 7.43 rxd
    Russ 15.53 + 11.00 rxd
    Chops 25.40 rxd + 7.36 (42.5kg)
    Cam 25.31 (30kg) + 6.07 (30Kg)

        1. 4.30pm Woodbridge School Tennins Courts
          Beep Test

          Jane 7.9
          Ruby 8.3
          Red 9.6
          Anna 11.4
          Daniel 12.6

          5.00pm West Winds

          Red 24.00 rxd
          Jane 18.20 (15 kg/10 push ups rxd/knees)


          Anna 6.28 rxd
          Daniel 11.19 rxd

          1. Beep test results have been analysed and you’ve all passed the minimum requirements to join the military. I’ve contacted Stevo and he is organising an enlistment ceremony for Tuesday.
            You are now Commandos, except for you Anna – your police check didn’t go so good.

  2. Thanks Drum was a great day, met lots of awesome people and had a fantastic time (and scored a tshirt-whoo!).

    Tania: WOD1: cut off with 25 single skips left…shattered!! And WOD2 was 121 something… all rxd apart from subbing DU for single skips.



    7 rounds for time of:

    5 KB Swings 24kg (16)

    10 Squats

    15 Double Unders (sub for DU 3 skips to 1 DU) this is a sub not a scale.

    WOD2 10 minute AMRAP for total reps:

    4 Minutes Box Jumps 24″ (20)

    3 Minute Burpees

    2 Minute KB Swing 24kg (16kg)

    1 Minute Hand release Push ups

    The subs are designed to allow all competitors a chance to make the final, however should you scale the weight you will be ineligible for the final.

    1. Tania – great stuff. So awesome you competed and looking forward to seeing your t-shirt. 4 min of box jumps!!!!!!! YEEHAA!!!!!!!!

      1. Thanks Anna! Yeah the shirt is awesome. Oh yeah those box jumps… hmm… would’ve preferred more though and less burpees haha!

      1. I’ll get them! If I can get box jumps and get band pull ups then I can get double unders… eventually. Will be back to training with you guys on Friday!

        P.S. Lots of photos courtesy of Lani on Facebook haha.

        1. lots and lots and lots of photos. Was hard for me to get photos of Tan though considering we were against each other in the same heat! She totally rawked the WOD’s and kicked my ass in WOD 1. YAY!