Rest day at CF42s…

Thank you again for your patience and flexibility this week – How good is the new box?
It’s been a massive week and so many people have contributed to making this dream a reality.
I’d like to thank the following members for their outstanding work to help create this awesome training space in one way or another:
Adam Smee, Mick Lane, Dan Lane, Charlie, Hoff, Cam, Squidsy, Damo, Rohan, Jouby, Chris, Ben, Neil, Wendles, Heather, Rod, Codi, Johnnie, Max, Sue, Jess, Jerka and Grant and of course my beautiful wife Alli who continues to give me endless and unwavering support whilst I chase my dreams.
Thank you also to the many athletes who offered to help.
I am humbled to be surrounded but such amazing people and to belong to this fine community.
Thanks with all my heart,

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