Rest day at CF42s…

A huge thank you to Russ and Anna for organizing and running a top throw down yesterday.
The standard of movement and enthusiasm displayed by athletes from all Tasmanian affiliates was of a very high standard – a testimony to this fine community.
Congratulations to Em.H and Julie for representing CF42s in the finals – these girls are strong and fast!
To all athletes – I can’t tell you how proud I am of you for putting yourself out there and being bold enough to try to be a little bit better everyday.

P.S.  Just woke up and re-read this post. I forgot to mention how much FUN it was.

Please post to comments any thoughts or shout outs from the day.


4 Responses

  1. Awesome to watch. well done CFWX. So many great efforts to watch. 
    My top three.
    1. Julie’s Bear crawls I have never seen such pain in a person face in sport. I thought it was over for her then bam she stood up and took it to another level. 
    2. Corkers ground to overhead efforts the look in his face pure determination. 
    3. Kylie’s ground to overhead, banging them out in fives with all the 42s crew screaming for you. That was gold. 

    Can’t wait for the next one. Next time I’ll grab some balls and get amongst it.

  2. It was a fabulous day!! I love doing these things and working out what I need to be working on and getting better at and this is the best environment where people celebrate each others’ success in big and little ways! Thank you for making it such a wonderful place to be and yesterday was loads of fun!! Xxx

  3. I had a great day and it was awesome to be around so many people with great attitudes. I learnt a heap from competing and I know that it will change the way I train. I was inspired by the anyone who managed one more rep when everything in the world was telling them to stop, that one rep is harder than the whole workout! I was also, of course, extremely proud of Julie and Em for representing CF42s so well in the final.

  4. It was good to be part of the first Tassie Crossfit Comp. Thanks to Anna and Russell for holding it and thanks to everyone who helped organising.
    My shout out goes to Jane for doing an amazing job to come back to Crossfit and do 3 wods in a day after just coming back from holidays in Asia. Not to mention that she was also running in the Burnie 10 today !!!