Reflect and Acknowledge 2012…

It’s time to share the love again…

Neuroscience research provides evidence that behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated. In this, the season of giving we invite you to share on our wall of acknowledgment. Acknowledgment assists the strengthening of positive neural pathways for both the giver and the receiver.

1. Take a moment to reflect over the past year and post publicly your thanks to a training buddy or a congratulations for an inspiring moment you have witnessed someone go through at the box.

2. Take another moment to acknowledge yourself privately, what have been your top three wins this year in regard to training? Acknowledgment of self is a skill that must be practiced every day to be able to genuinely acknowledge others.

3. Alternatively you might like to go up to that coach, training buddy or partner left at home looking after the kids while you’re at the box and let them know specifically what they do that you really appreciate.

4. Make a commitment to turn up the volume on acknowledgment of self and others in your world in 2013 and enjoy reaping the positive results.

Post your acknowledgments to comments.

30 Responses

  1. Massive thanks to all the boys who have partnered up with me during the WOD’s over the past 4 months, its been an awesome and humbling experience getting routinely smashed by you blokes (no homo). Big thanks to DJ, Charlie and Matt R who’s coaching finally helped me nail a muscle up a few weeks ago, and of course Drum for being such an amazing coach.

    Inspiring moment – Watching Jules during the finals at the Throwdown during the bear crawls, looked excruciatingly painful!

  2. The most inspiring moment for me this year was probably watching Drum at Regionals doing one arm dumb bell snatches at an insane weight.

    It was amazing to see all the incredible athletes competing and I am really looking forward to watching again next year!

    Opens and the Hit-Outs this year was a massive highlight for me; it was wonderful to see everyone participate- whether they are beginners or highly advanced; it was really encouraging and I can’y wait for next year.

    From a personal point of view, I thank Drum and all the other coaches and also everyone who comes to the 6:40 classes who have encouraged me every day to be and do better- not just in my crossfit journey but my personal life.

    You all make every day exciting and something to smile about; thank you all! xx

  3. I must admit during my time with Crossfit 42S I changed 180 degrees
    The 6:40 group are an amazing bunch especially Luke, Jouby, Charles to name a few. To this day I still haven’t forgotten how motivating these people were when pushing me to do one more rep when every muscle in my body was burning!
    I never forget when Julian was yelling over my head and encouraging me to keep my pace when rowing (especially when I was close to passing out)
    Chris F for confidently pushing me to lift a heavy back squat when every muscle in me was failing!
    Kylie when doing the “Mountain goat challenge” walking behind me and pacing me to run/walk when every cell in my body was begging me to slow down and stop!

    And above all… Drum who really changed me for better. He once saw me using an inhaler and told me I don’t need to dose up on an inhaler before a workout or a run … and after many years I stopped using it all together and I am functioning perfectly fine! (it was obviously a mental thing which was picked up very intelligently by Drum early on)
    Thanks guys… I owe what I am now to you … especially 6:40 crew!!!
    I am humbled to have met an amazing bunch of people!!!

  4. Firstly a huge thanks to all 6:40 regulars!!

    Everyone who trains regularly in that group has inspired or given me a goal to chase in someway, whether it’s Jouby’s ridiculously massive squats, Ollie’s running or Jordan’s oly lifting. You all made me feel at home in the box from day one, especially the Cripps family.

    Massive thanks to Timmy, who every day puts in 100% and makes me strive to do the same. Couldn’t ask for a better training partner, thanks mate!!

    And lastly huge thanks to all the coaches!! But especially Drum, you make the box what it is with your enthusiasm, energy, humor and passion. Seeing you train has been by far the most inspiring thing this year. Can’t wait to have you kick my arse a whole lot more next year. Thanks mate!!

  5. The highlights from 2012 – There’s a whole lot of them but I guess here are a few:
    -Friday night hit-outs – Can’t wait for these again.
    -Both challenges – Awesome organization and programming, awesome people, and FUN – Ticked running across the bridge with a telegraph pole off my bucket list.
    -Both tough mudders! Absolutely loved these things; to both the Melbourne and Sydney crews(especially Sarah & Jak!) thanks for two awesome weekends!
    -6:40 crew(Timmy, Charlie, Cripps Clan, Ollie, Jaci, Tash, any others that I’ve missed!) Best training time by far!
    -Advanced athlete blog – A special thanks to Drum for this one. I’ve definitely seen improvement due to this extra work, and its also given me a chance to play with some new skills like rope climbs, pistols, etc. Its also great to read other people’s comments to see what/how others are thinking/feeling!
    -The new box, it was absolutely awesome helping out with a little bit of the preparation and seeing it turn into what it is now!

    Finally a big thanks to Drummond again, none of this would happen without him. Also to all the other trainers; Cam, Chopsy, DJ, Jess, Julie, Adam. You’re all amazing coaches and you’ve all taught me something throughout the year! Finally to all the athletes, you’re all absolute legends.

  6. Jaci, Timmy, Charlie, Tasha, Jouby, Millie, Kylie, Jordy & Luke

    The amount of motivation and inspiration i get from you guys is beyond words.

    6:40 ?

  7. As seems to be a bit of a theme here; Thanks so much to all the 6:40 crew in particular, you guys have all pushed\inspired me and yourselves to always be better. These days I get just as excited when one of you get a PB etc as if it were my own.

    Special thanks to Charlie, Jouby and Ollie who have on so many occasions been a counter\motivator for me and dragged me through the staggering\mumbling mess on the ground to get the WOD done. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you guys.

    A massive thanks to all the trainers and Drummond. I really value your encouragement and patience you have shown towards me over the last year and you’ve all taught me stacks.

    Highlights for me would definitely have to be the mountain challenge, the new box and the advanced work being programmed, this has really helped me develop strength and skills a lot faster. Thanks once again Drummond for your constant hard work and general enthusiastic nature. You make it easy for training to be the highlight of most days.

  8. Gosh, this is long…

    This year I achieved kipping pull ups, double unders, my first rxd ‘Murph’ (ohh my hands!) and a horribly wonderful addiction to rowing. And chalk. I’m excited for the year to come, and to see how much harder I can push myself and see what I can achieve.

    Kylie and Luke, I have gotten to know you both a lot this past year, and you are definitely two favourite people in my life. I love our silly texts, shopping/beach days, and especially our painting parties at your amazing new home! I love you both.

    I’d like to especially thank Stephy, though not at the box lately, is always a big part of my training with her daily texts. She will always motivate me when a nasty WOD comes up and constantly praises all work I do. Love my CF mum!

    Thanks to everyone who helped me and each other through Tough Mudder in March. What an amazing experience! I could not have done it without your support and awesomeness.

    Quick thanks to Chris.F and Nick.E for our tattoo trip; Slats for always checking up on me when I was AWOL from the box; Em. R and Jak for being wonderful friends inside and outside the box; and to Chops, Cam, Razor, DJ, Adam, Jules and Jess for being super coaches!

    And of course, two people I will never be able to thank enough, Drum and Alli. You’ve gotten me through some rough times this year and past. Your support and kind words and much needed ass kickings mean more than you will ever know. Thank you both so much.


  9. Well; thanks to everyone at the 4:20 and 12:00 classes. There is always an excellent vibe and I always feel better after training. Very hard to pick just one inspiring moment as there are so many but two spring to mind: Joel doing the 7 mins of burpees for the open WOD (and some awesome counter-motivating from him too!) and Le’Roy smashing out 160+ unbroken kettlebell swings just yesterday. To watch the last 70-odd of those was pretty inspiring!

    I’d also like to thank everyone for being so super friendly. It means a lot to us in particular, being in a new country – we’re so lucky to have an absolutely awesome circle of friends. A privilege to know you. Thank you.

    Personally I’ve let myself down with some pretty poor attendance and poor dietary choices over the last few months but picked it up again more recently. I have managed to get good PBs in a lot of lifts though and broke through a few psychological weight barriers. Also got my first weighted strict pull ups and handstand pushups which was pretty cool (thanks Jess for the hspu!).

    My training buddy at home is also my training buddy at the box – thanks a lot to Pandora for being awesome. The next year will be another life changing one for us. Is there any other kind? 🙂

    I have a whole host of goals for next year, Cross Fit and non Cross Fit. It’s going to be a big, fantastic year in the Rockett house!

    All of the coaches are absolutely brilliant. If I was designing the perfect person to be a coach I don’t think I could improve on Drummond. From the energetic, enthusiastic greeting everyone gets when they walk in “Rocket-cans!” to having endless knowledge and patience to answer a million questions and everything in between.

    It’s no exaggeration to say that Cross Fit 42S has been life changing. Thanks!

  10. Massive thanks to everyone I’ve trained with at 42 south, everyone was extremely welcoming and encouraging from day one.

    Thanks to Drum and all the trainers for the time and effort they put in.

    A big thanks to Jak and James O for continually telling me how awesome crossfit was and getting me to give it a try.

    Looking forward to moving forward in my journey in 2013.

  11. I would love to say a massive great big thankyou to each and every person at 42south! I am not a naturally sporty person and I was more than anxious about my lack of sporting ability when joining crossfit.
    However every single WOD I somehow manage to achieve something I would once have thought that I never would.
    A huge thankyou also to ALL of the trainers who have always made me feel welcome and delivered super high quality coaching!
    I cannot possibly single anybody out to thank individually because everyone is so awesome.

  12. Here is my two cents on reflection and acknowledgement for 2012.
    You all rock, I have been blown away by watching everyone improve over the last 12 months. Hilux = mate you give it all. Chris = strength gains. Man offs between Dancey and Bove whats the running score? Jak = love the Paleo treats (hint, hint). Julian = Matching socks man? Whats with that? Kim = 1930’s strong man, kipping will happen. The 0600 Girls Getting Stronger and Stronger all of you, humbles me every time on strength days. Laura = watching you break a barrier makes me smile. Harry = Watching you, looking at the bar like ‘why is this 40kgs so heavy? It just isn’t so’ also makes me smile I like how you finish every rep. Richard = always good times training with you. James = overhead flexibility improving. Linds = Whoa! You Just look so smooth throwing the bar around. Wristy = you crack me up with your ‘Casual type attitude’ but you get it done all the same. Em H = strong and fast. Grant = personally knows the ‘prison bum’ squeeze. Jerka = bodyweight wod specialist, Nick = pity the criminal who runs from you. Yaro and Tan = Russians in the box. Tan = recent improvements noticed. Mick and Max = one day I will catch you on the running wods (maybe not Max man you are quick). Mark M. = strong! Plus you motivated me to get DU’s (you didn’t know this until now). The crossfit Girls = Stronger and stronger, why? Because you can. Cam = mate you encouraged me from the start, and still do today I thank you for that. Leroy, Sparta, Josh, Big Wave, Squid and Scotty = just the blokes I want to have around when I need to move a planet or two. Ben = just like Em H. strong and fast “how do I wash blood from the rope?” I still can’t answer that Ben. DJ = Thanks for your tips and coaching. Julie and Joel = Crossfit proposal, nice one mate. Who brings their Mum to the Box? Team Voltron does = Bridget and the kids I like the way you all hit the wods. If I left anyone out I am sorry, too many people to list.
    Thanks to all the coaches for continual patience when coaching me on movements, answering my questions, putting up with my bad jokes, letting me play my own music, motivating me when it’s not my day, and turning up on time every time = commitment to the athletes +1. Finally Drum old kid = You have this Aura of Awesomeness about you, thanks for just being you and please give my full respect to Ali, Ruby and soon to be ‘?’ As I am sure they are sometimes doing the hard yards with you working the long hours you do.

  13. Always thankful to be a part of this fantastic community. Crossfit and all the people I have come to know through it enrich my life in so many ways, I don’t ever want to be without it. There are no words for how awesome Drum and Ali are, you guys know you are changing lives and we love you! The coaching staff are all wonderful but a special mention to DJ, Cam and Jules who have all had some great advice for me in the past year.
    Stand out days this year were the first Challenge which was brutal and empowering and Tough Mudder which was horrible and wonderful. The CF42s mini comp also sticks in my mind; chasing Jules always chasing Jules whose capacity never fails to blow me away, trying desperately to stay ahead of EmH whose improvement this year has been frightening and inspiring, and hoping not to be outlifted by Millie who has kept me on my toes in that department. Perhaps I’m a little competitive, maybe, so what ;-p
    One other person I’d like to mention is Danielle, when I watch her smashing a WOD with a whole extra person in her belly I’m inspired and almost persuaded to cook up another sprog myself.
    Looking forward to another great year, best wishes and big hugs to you all.

    1. Oops! Forgot to mention my wonderful husband Jonathan. Due to being such a hard working fantastic hubby and daddy he often finds it difficult to get the box but he makes it possible for me to get there and is always supportive. Love you so much xx

  14. Thanks to all of you who have encouraged, motivated and partnered me throughout the year, i am constantly amazed and humbled by seeing ordinary people do extraordinary things. I’ve had a few times when i’ve looked up the WOD and the nerves have kicked in on the way to the box. I’m driving and my leg has started shaking, i park the car and think about bailing but something pushes me forward and it’s the fact that Crossfit and the people at the box are supportive of each other and that no one is looked down on. A big thankyou to Drum, Cam, Jules, Dj, Adam, Chops, Jess and Razor for being awesome coaches, you have all taught me something this past year. Looking forward to another great year.

  15. I suppose the first thing I would like to say is that Crossfit 42deg South has changed my life! Since I can remember I have avoided any kind of physical activity, going to the gym and doing ‘zumba’ or ‘kickboxercise’ became very boring and tedious after a short while. After about 11 months of coming to Crossfit now I still LOVE it every session and am looking forward to improving a lot more as time goes on. I still have a long way to go in my journey but I thank each and every one of you for your motivation and encouragement while I feel like i’m about to pass out in a WOD! You’re all legends.

    I’d like to thank Tan for getting my arse into gear when i’m feeling lazy or unmotivated, like making me practice my running, which i’m still terrible at! Or when I have a fear of lifting too much (anything over 30kg still scares me). Also, for encouraging me to do the Mountain Goat Challenge- it was so hard but worth it all the way. Speaking of the Mountain Goat Challenge- i’d really like to thank BigWave for sticking by me on the day and not leaving me walking alone and helping to motivate me through the WODS and hike- I thought I would be walking by myself due to being a lot slower than everyone else but you slowed to my pace, even though you probably could have run the whole way! I really appreciated that- thank you, you’re awesome!

    I’m so grateful for Drummond and the other coaches (DJ, Chopsy, Adam, Jess, Julie and Cam) for teaching me and helping me to squat below 90degrees and lift more than a broomstick!

    I still dread every session but the rewards are priceless. Looking forward to the future with you all!!

    1. Anytime Jess! You’ve done so well this year, I can’t wait to see you accomplish even more next year! Stay awesome lovely. Xx

  16. Hi All,
    even though my membership is currently suspended, I would still like to indulge in a reflection or two 😉
    I have had a tough year personally which has resulted in my current break however, I remain totally committed to CrossFit for myself and my family; I am currently awaiting my home ‘box’ to arrive and when I can manage it, I want to return to community life! One of the biggest highlights for me this year was the Friday Night Hit-outs; I absolutely loved the atmosphere; the loss of voice from cheering and motivating all the athletes on; the collective adrenalin that could almost be tasted such was the excitement and Julian’s fairy wings!! I also loved following the Regionals results vicariously through Millie and Ky by text and through what I could glean on various sites. I can’t wait to see our own 42 South/Tassie athletes representing in higher numbers inclusive of my own kids! I want to thank both the 6:00 am class and the 6:40 class for their support of me over the year; nothing has challenged me quite like CrossFit…I have been so humbled, yet simultaneously touched by your support! I want to thank all the coaches but especially our beautiful Drum who has gone way beyond to support and encourage both me and my family. Moving home to Tas from QLD after 10 years away has been complex, but we felt we had an instant family at 42 South and we genuinely love you all. 2013 is going to be a wonderful year!

  17. Hi There,

    Very new to Crossfit but loving it. Thanks all for welcoming me into your humble home.

    I am enjoying doing some different types of training and was stoked to get my first RXD in my first week (even though it wasnt a super hard one it still counted!)

    I look forward to becoming stronger and learning how to do some kipping pull ups!

    Thanks to all who have assisted me so far and of course to Drummond for his advice and great instructions – even in his painting mini shorts (eek!)


  18. Wow. Where to even start!?
    This past year has been a massive one for me, moving down to Tasmania and leaving all my family behind has been really tough. But coming to 42south and meeting all you beautiful people, has made it so much easier for me. It would have to be one of my favourite places to be on earth, you are all so inspiring, supportive, encouraging, friendly, loving & amazing people. Thank you!!
    I love how everyday we all push & support each other to do our very best, how we can truly be ourselves & how we all share the excitement of a PB, just as if it were our own!
    The Friday Night Hit-Outs, have most definitely been some of my favourite Fridays in the year. Can’t wait for them to start all over again.
    And the gymnastics skills we’ve had on Saturday’s throughout the year have been awesome. Thank you Allie for putting those on!

    I also just wanted to thank Julie, she’s a true inspiration to me. The work capacity & mental toughness she has, and just the absolute pain-cave she can take herself into is phenomenal. For myself, my mental toughness is something I really struggle with & constantly that little voice on my shoulder telling me to stop always wins.
    And Tan. Her support & encouragement is never ending. When she sees I’m struggling with a work-out, she’s by my side til the end, counting my reps, telling me to stop resting & just keep going…She’s just excellent. Her consistency and pure grit she has for crossfit is outstanding.
    And my husband, Luke. Thank you for always believing in me & being the biggest support in my life.
    You are pure fabulousness.

    Thank you to our amazing coaches, who have all helped me significantly in one way or another.
    And lastly to Drum, I can’t even thank you enough for all the help, support & encouragement you’ve given me. You have such an infectious enthusiasm for life and for helping people be the best versions of themselves that they can, it’s just amazing.
    Thank you, with all of my heart.

  19. Thank you to everyone I have met and worked with this year, you really are a great bunch of people. I’m very glad I stuck with this crossfit thing despite being initially terrified. It may have resulted in more than a few days of restricted movement but it’s been totally worth it. I think I’ve now got double unders, toes to bar and I did my first unassisted pull up the other day! Even when things weren’t going so well so many of you helped me through without even knowing it. It’s made me both physically and mentally stronger.

    Thank you so much Em H and Ben for convincing me to give it a go, you guys are awesome and an inspiration to watch. Thanks Jess J, Eleni, Karen, Tan, Jules, Dee and all the rest that have partnered with me and kept me going when I thought I was going to die!

    Thanks to all the coaches, you’ve all been fantastic! And of course a huge thanks to Drum and Ali for creating such an awesome place 🙂

  20. Wow! Now where do I start?! Before joining the ‘Box’ Ben and I had lost our way when it comes to exercise and healthy lifestyle. Too many times had we said ‘when we are fit we will do this… etc etc.’ Then we came across who I consider, the two most inspirational, motivated, beautiful people I know at a mates BBQ down at Clifton – Drummond and Alli. After hearing the passion and motivation in their voices about their Box, I thought to myself this is something that we should be part of. And it is there our major transition began. I never forget the very first workout where me been a little too gun hoo smashed out a whole lot of push ups and then became the laughing stock at work/home because I could not brush my hair, answer the phone etc without using the other arm to lift that arm! Too, not all that long ago when I cracked my first muscle up. And yes Cam – I was pregnant as well!!! A truly inspirational moment you ask? Hmmm… way too much write… Julie absolutely smashing herself up in the throwdown, Friday night hit outs, watching Ben smoke ‘Fran,’ Jane smashing her dead lift PB recently, Linds and Millie – gees you two are bloody strong! So… where to start saying thanks?! Pandora – you are just beautiful in everyway. You make the best training buddy and now I look forward to us sharing a different kind of journey together ? And to Tan and Jerka who just know how to motivate me just when I need it like at the throwdown thanks Tan ?… And it goes without saying – all of our improvement at the ‘box’ would not have happened without the best coaches in the world: Drum, Alli, Jess, Julie, DJ, Cam, Adam, Razor and Chops – you are all truly inspirational people xx

    1. Hey Em, back at you lovely!
      I’m very excited to be on this new journey with you too, CrossFit bumps! Danielle has lead the way and been inspiring, to keep going for as long as possible!x

  21. 42S has been a game changer for me, the last 9 months have been an eye opener to say the least, a few thankyou’s are in order. Thanks to Richard Onn Jr for telling me about 42s I would have still been at Zap doing arm curls and owning the elliptical cross trainers. Thanks to Drummond for the obvious excellence in training but equally for making 42s a place to train and have a loads of fun and laughs (appropriate and inappropriate). Thanks Alli for the goal setting workshops, you gave me a bunch of new tools I have applied every day to my business ventures and to making me rethink a number of bad habits I had developed without realising it. Thanks to all the coaches for being terrific role models and coaches as you impart your own brand of knowledge and guidance, I look forward to more of it as I strive to get fitter, stronger and more proficient at the movements and get my numbers in a range where they should be. Thanks’ to all the people that go to the 42s, no matter what time you go there is a good vibe and positive outlook at every session. Thanks to my wife for giving the Whole 30 a crack with me and for sticking with me as we work out the balance between Paleo/Primal and eating clean. Looking forward to a big 2013 at the new box with lots of new crew arriving including a few babies it should make the year a year to remember.

  22. The last year has been amazing and I would like to thank the whole CrossFit community, for making Tim and I feel so welcome and making our move here so much easier. I feel very lucky to have made so many awesome friends.
    Thanks to CrossFit for changing me inside and out for the better! Especially to Drummond thank you, you are CrossFit!
    Thanks to all the coaches!
    Thanks to all my training buddies for limitless encouragement! Em H, Leandra, Tan and Karen to name only a few.
    Em H and Ben you have been inspiring, you guys have taken off this year!
    Julie and Lindsey you are my heroes!
    A shout out to all those who haven’t let injury/broken bones or surgery get the better of them!
    Thanks to Cam for always having time to help, Dave W for such constructive advice and Joel for those gentle pushes I’ve needed at the end of several workouts! Of course thanks to hubby Tim, who will have a rest from my competitiveness for a while!
    Well done to all the girls who got their first rxd pull ups this year! (Which includes myself) And to all those on the journey, keep pushing, it will happen!
    I have achieved so much more in my first year at CrossFit than I ever thought possible, so thanks to you all!

  23. I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement since joining the team at CF42s. You have all changed my life and my perception of self since taking up Crossfit and I thank you all for it.
    A massive shout out to Drummond and Allie for their commitment and persistence.
    My most memorable moment of 2012 apart from lifting heavy things, would have to be the throw down. To see everyone supporting one another and giving 110% in each WOD was nothing short of amazing.
    I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store and I’m looking forward to setting and achieving new goals.
    Happy new year everyone and thank you once again.