Nutrition Talk…

When: Tuesday 5th June 1830
Where: CF42s
Cost: free!

TUESDAY night it is! I will plan a second talk in the not so distance future for a Monday night if there is demand. It’s great to see you are all so keen!

We will spend the hour discussing the basics of nutrition and why it is so important  in optimizing not only your fitness but your health and well being.

Please note that due to the nutrition talk the 1840 class will be cancelled.

16 Responses

  1. Damn it.. I’ll be away but would’ve been there 🙁

    Going to do more soon by any chance?

  2. Any chance you can sound record the discussion for people who arent there (work beckons…)

  3. I want to come too, but I work til 9 Thursday nights 🙁
    Maybe if there is enough people who can’t make it someone really awesome (DW) can organise a 2nd one?? : )

  4. I’d love to be there too, but can’t that night. Would definitely be interested if there was another session or if someone could tape it!

  5. Makes no difference for which day it’s on, I’ll be away all week 🙁

  6. You could turn it into a narrated powerpoint, then everyone could get it regardless(both athletes now and in the future – and can reference back to it as needed), you would be able to have puuurty pictures and all that good stuff.