Good luck to the CF42s Tough Mudder Team!

The CF42s Tough Mudder Team leave on Friday for the big event at Phillip Island on the weekend.
The team has been training hard in preparation for his awesome event and are now ready to take on the mammoth challenge.

Good luck guys and girls! I can’t wait to hear the stories – go show them what Tasmanian’s are made of!

A special thank you to Sarah Reinhart who stepped up for the role of Team Captain. She has done a beautiful job of organising the CF42s Team and making this trip possible.

6 Responses

  1. Here here, well done Sarah. Can’t believe more people weren’t up for this, it’s going to be crazy fun and just a bit painful! Here’s hoping we all come back in one piece.

  2. you guys will be fantastic because i know you will all stick together and be a really strong team!!! looking forward to hearing about it! xx

  3. I could not be more proud of Team CrossFit 42South!! Preparing for Tough Mudder has been a great opportunity to get to know these incredible people and see every single one of them achieve amazing things over the past six months! Whether competing in the CrossFit Games Open, facing down the “Challenge” or just kicking the crap out of a goat, I am constantly inspired by all of you!

    A special thanks to Drummond and Alli for their constant support, advice and encouragement and for putting together the “Challenge” and obstacle negotiation training. A big thank you to the CrossFit community, your energy and enthusiasm is a constant source of joy!

    As the big day approaches and I have one over-arching thought, Team CrossFit 42South is going to absolutely own this! So bring it on Tough Mudder, give us everything you have, because I know one thing, this team has a whole lot more and we are going to have a fantastic time kicking your butt!

    On a personal note, I will be stepping on to the Tough Mudder course with one person in mind. Dad, this one is for you. Turns out I have a little bit of your athleticism in me after all and I wish you could see me now!

  4. Good luck guys! Incredibly jealous that I didn’t end up being able to make it, but I will be at the next one where we have a team going, that’s a promise!

  5. Good Luck all 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do great !! Devistated I wasn’t allowed !!! 2 years and I’ll be there all the way 🙂 xx