Goal Setting Workshop Series Three 2012

Another three months have passed as we emerge from the back end of winter and spring is on its way.  It’s time to think about some gardening and general mental maintenance… What visionary seeds are you planting for yourself?  What evidence do you have that they are growing?

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” – Earl Nightingale

Where: The box, 150 Campbell St, Hobart

$25 when attending one workshop,
$40 when attending two workshops and
$50 when attending all three workshops.

To register for the Goal Setting Workshops:
1. Go to our online store here.
2. Click “Seminars” and follow the prompts.
Note: If purchasing 2 or more workshops be sure to go back and enrol in the other workshops after purchasing your payment package.

After registering you will receive an email with more details with respect to workshop preparation.
Registration closes Tuesday 31st July all preparation documents are requested to be returned by Wedneday 1st August.

Not sure if this is for you? Read on and see what others have thought…

I got an insight into myself as well as my goals”

I said my goal out loud and now it exists”

I have made and maintained great improvements that are affecting several areas of my life”

That this is a journey that needs regular assessment and renewed enthusiasm to succeed”

That my goal is achievable”

Found the workshop a great experience and I now have confidence to achieve my goal”

I learnt how to break down my goal into steps”

Quantifying areas of my life assisted with clarity and will help me to achieve”

Appreciated the session, it helped me to structure a plan – great workshop”

A reality check that my goals are my responsibility”

The workshop gave me a more focused approach to my goal”

Great workshop, really useful and enjoyable, definitely worth going too”

A very worthwhile process, I was a sceptic, I was pleasantly surprised”

I now have a clear sense of direction for the future”

Sharing with others is useful, I found out I’m not the only one”

I got a lot out of the session, it made me think about the pathway to my goal, not just the goal”

Great environment, presentation style and workshop, I felt very comfortable”