Dairy – Yes or No?

I’ve been receiving an increasing amount of questions on dairy as CF42s athletes continue to explore the Paleo way of eating.

Here is an excellent article from Mark Sisson and his take on the great dairy debate.

The Definitive Guide to Dairy – Mark Sisson

I highly recommend you take the time to give it a read – as always I’m happy to discuss further at the box.

5 Responses

  1. So what your trying to say is that we should eat lots of dairy and nothing else?

    1. My take on it is: Dairy comes in lots of forms and it is the lactose/casein generally that may cause the problems as it elevates insulin/causes inflammation. Post workout for some, this may not matter but for others it might – depends if you are trying to drop weight (fat) or overcome health issues? For those with allergies/hayfever/skin conditions/perpetual colds/ear infections/gut problems, you may be better off with dairy not on your list. Being said though, butter/cream/hard cheeses with little/no lactose may be fine? As DW says in his talks – pick the low hanging fruit to deal with first – ie) get rid of sugar (in all forms), gluten and vegetable oils out of your diet and you may find that dairy is not a problem? It is more often than not the gluten/sugar that is causing the problems? Experiment on yourself?